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10% Higher productivity by using a toggle free machine

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10% Higher productivity by using a toggle free machine

Numbers support the new “TF” Italpresse technology.
Castings previously produced with a toggle machine of the same size are now produced on a new toggle-free two platen machine TF 1000, that guarantees a higher productive constancy and a very user-friendly operation. The history case of company Fratelli Lucco Borlera, in Rivoli (Turin).

Fratelli Lucco Borlera is a die casting foundry established in Rivoli, Turin, in 1949.
At the beginning it was a small workshop in the owners’ garden, the classic example of the Italian industry, and of its gradual and extraordinary development as from the end of the Second World War.

Nowadays the company got the quality certification ISO TS 16494, and stands out for the delivery of castings to various sectors, amongst them the automotive which Lucco supply since the 60’s. During the years, great care has been given to automation and robotics, in order to optimize the working cycle and to reach high production levels, as well as to the process control and quality, in order to guarantee controlled and tested castings. Furthermore, they also added mechanical machining, in order to deliver finished castings, ready for the next cycle phase. Lucco Borlera’s constant target is in fact to supply complex castings meeting customer’s tolerances and requirements. 

The foundry is equipped with 22 cold chamber die casting machines (from 300 to 1100 tons closing force), and 3 hot chamber machines. The latest delivered machine is an Italpresse TF 1000. It has been supplied in June 2008, and was at first bought for its excellent closing force/ floor space ratio. Mr Massimo Lucco and his colleagues of the Technical Department had been positively impressed by the reduced mechanical and hydraulic parts, that would have limited the eventual failures (the toggle system is one of the most frequent failure causes), and above all the general maintenance.

After the machine start up, they could also appreciate its most “hidden” advantages, those turned out during its functioning: especially the closing system and its setting easiness. During the functioning, eventually, the most important quality came to light: a greater productive constancy, quantifiable in an increase of 10%.

“In the future we will surely buy another toggle-free machine” said Mr Massimo Lucco. “Its strength is above all the greater productive constancy. On the other hand, we have another 1000 tons closing force machine, with toggle system, so we could carry out a real comparison test”.

While the foundries face more and more difficult challenges, often depending on the field and the final destination of the castings, the chance to count on a greater production performance represents for Lucco Borlera an important competitive plus, that further makes this company standing out.




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