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Italpresse-Gauss, Capriano del Colle, Italy, received the “Excellence Award” as “Supplier of the Year” by the Mexican group Nemak

Only 17 prize winners all over the world, amongst 7.500 suppliers. Italpresse was the only company to receive the award for two geographical areas: North&South America and Europe.

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Nemak belongs to the Mexican group Alfa, they have 27 works all over the world and are the bigger global supplier of light-alloy castings for the automotive industry. 

Nemak, one of the most important OE suppliers of the automotive field (after their take-over in 2007, they are probably also the bigger in the world) is a key-customer of company Italpresse-Gauss - established in Capriano del Colle, Italy, in 1969 - and world leader for the manufacturing of machines and peripheral devices for the automation of light alloy die casting process.  

On 24th June 2010, at their premises in Monterrey, Mexico, Nemak prized Italpresse with the “Excellence Award” plaque, dedicated to the best suppliers of the year: a privilege reserved only to 17 companies selected amongst 7.500 worldwide suppliers.
Furthermore, Italpresse was the only company to get this award for two geographical areas: North & South America and Europe.

Nemak belongs to the Mexican group Alfa, whose Headquarters are in Monterrey. Alfa was established in 1979 and has 27 works all over the world. The Group acts in different fields, such as petrochemical, telecommunications and food processing industry.
Alfa is for example the second worldwide producer of  PTA, terephthalic acid.
They are very active in the gravity foundry (they are worldwide leader for the production of cylinder heads with the gravity process).
Nemak has recently taken over also Teksid works all over the world (once they belonged also to Fiat), where Italpresse was, since long, one of the strategic suppliers. 
This take over allowed Nemak to consolidate its position as a worldwide leader, with premises in India, Poland, China, Brazil and USA, as well as to complete its aluminium casting range with the die casting process.
Main castings manufactured by Nemak for the automotive field are: cylinder heads (53% of the turnover), engine blocks (38% of the turnover), gearboxes, suspensions, engine bed plate and chassis.
The Polish plant in Bielsko-Biala has become the “Die Casting Products Development Global Centre” and is the oldest premise of the group. It is located in one of the most technological and industrial regions of a Country, that stood the worldwide crisis better than others. Nemak Poland specialized in the production of gearboxes, clutch housings and cylinder heads, and in 2006 equipped the foundry with some automatic die casting cells for the production of engine blocks: here Italpresse contribution has been decisive. Also Gauss, subsidiary of Italpresse and supplier of automation and solutions for the gravity and the die casting foundry, is a strategic supplier of the whole Nemak group: both in the gravity field, above all for the automatic cells for the production of cylinder heads and suspensions, and for the die casting.
Latest automatic die casting cells supplied to Nemak have been developed with Italpresse machines model TF (toggle free). Nemak has totally 16 Italpresse big die casting machines installed in its own various foundries worldwide. Italpresse-Gauss is highly specialized in the automatic production of car structural and key parts, since they supplied the most important car manufacturers (Dacia, Renault, GM, Ford, Suzuki, Daewoo, Kia, Hyundai, BMW, VW, Chrysler, and recently Daimler), as well as those suppliers called Tier 1, i.e. first level suppliers, therefore the most important of the automotive field.





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