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2016 China (Chongqing) Die Casting Industrial Forum successfully held

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In order to boost the development of die casting industry, 2016 China(Chongqing)Die casting industrial forum was held in Radisson hotel in Chongqing city from 2nd – 4th March,2016, organized by Chongqing foundry association and China Die Casting website. The Forum theme is “Market, Intelligence, Talent, and Capital”. More than 150 people from different companies joined in this forum, most of them are top level management team.

This forum lasted for 3 days. Registration and Interactive part was took place in the afternoon of 2nd March.

The forum was officially opened on 3rd March, host by Mr.LV Weiqun, who is the chief editor of <Die Casting Times>.

Mr.LONG Siyuan, who is the director of Chongqing foundry institute & vice secretary of Chongqing Foundry association, made a welcome speech. Afterwards, Mr.ZHOU Shaojie who is the CEO of China die casting website, made a speech to deliver his thanks to all attendees.

Mr.WANG Gongping who is the chief secretary of Chongqing Foundry Association, made a speech of “the current situation and future of Chongqing foundry industry”. Based on the analysis of location of Chongqing and the market development of recent years etc., pointed out that thanks to the manufacture Industry, which boost a rapid growth of Chongqing Economy, bring a perfect opportunity for foundry industry. He said, “Companies which has strong technician backups, advanced technology and equipment’s, are taking lead of Chongqing foundry industry’s development. Go-abroad and export high level foundry parts to the worldwide, which will be the future of the market. However, the Economy still under the recovery period after financial crisis, all foundry industry members should hence sense of crisis, opportunity and creativeness. Based on the rules of “make progress while ensuring stability, reform and innovation”, let’s seize opportunities, forge ahead, keep improving and start a new page in the competitive market.   

Mr.ZHANG Jing-vice general manager of Wencan Die casting (Holding)company, Thomas - industrial manager from KUKA Robotics(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd, Mr.ZHAN Songrun - chairman of Ningbo Zitai Machinery Co.,Ltd, Mr.REN Jiaping – General manager of Chiron China, Mr.CAO Jiayong – Chairman of Bo’ao al-mg metal manufacture co.,Ltd, Mr.CUI Yan - senior analyst of Sinolink security and Mr.XU Xinsheng - Chairman of Shanghai HR service company, above mentioned attendees separately made following speeches of ‘ flexibly use capital operation policy, get rid of die casting downturn situation’, ‘KUKA Robotics in future Industry 4.0’, ‘ how to efficiently use servo technology into shot system of die casting’, ‘ intelligent and high efficient precision manufacture system’, ‘ new applications of magnesium alloy in auto. Industry’, ‘accelerate auto. Light weight development, seize the industrial opportunity’, ‘rethinking of enterprise human resource management’.

At 4pm, “Brainstorming” got started. Guests were invited onto the stage, based on the topic “How to find the die casting’s future under the background of economic downturn?”, all the guests made Impromptu Speeches and interactive communication. Mr.LV Weiqun, who is the chief editor of <Die casting times>, as the host of “Brainstorming”. Guests are: Mr.FENG Jiutu Chairman of Guangdong Modern Metal Precise Casting Co.,Ltd, Mrs.LI Qingxiao – Manager of Automation dept. of KUKA China, Mr.ZHANG Jing-vice general manager of Wencan Die casting (Holding)company, Mr.CAO Jiayong – Chairman of Bo’ao al-mg metal manufacture co.,Ltd, Mr.SHEN Lingen – Chairman of Ya Delin non-ferrous Metal Co.,Ltd, Mr.ZHANG Lei – General Manager of Anting Factory of KPSNC China. They shared their unique opinions, received enthusiastic handclapping, and brought the atmosphere into a climax.

In the morning of 4th March, attendees were invited to visit Chongqing Wansheng Magnesium alloy manufacture center. 3-days forum successfully closed in the afternoon.

We got consistent praise from all attendees, and most them wish to have more chances to attend this kind of forum.

KUKA Robotics (Shanghai), CSMET aluminum new alloy co.,ltd, and Ningbo ZITAI Machinery company are the co-organizers of this Forum.

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