A - In the middle of nowhere - small engine parts for Porsche by Nemak.

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In Kleinmünchen/Austria is the most productive small foundry in the world. Nemak at Linz (formerly Mandl & Berger) produce with 420 people annually 110 cylinder heads per square meter production, the customer list includes Porsche or BMW.

For years the auto supplier in Kleinmünchen had problems with its neighbors. By investing in environmental protection and an open dialogue with the neighbors they could solve these disputes , said site manager Andre Groeschel.

The current challenges of the aluminum processor are located more in the international competition. Since 2007 Nemak Linz belongs to the Mexican Alfa Group, a publicly traded conglomerate. In the car division, the Mexicans have 28 plants in 13 countries. "We are the site of the world's highest labor costs. For us this is a hell of local disadvantage, "said Groeschel, so we work on optimizing the processes.

The real strength of the work is not productivity, but a technology developed at Linz. Using "Rotacast" process cylinder heads for major car manufacturers are produced from silica sand and aluminum. For example, engine parts run for the Porsche Cayenne and Panamera models as well as for the four-cylinder diesel engines from BMW.

The engineering work from Linz is highly valued in the Mexican Central. The site is one of the four production centers development group. "We have the cylinder heads for territorial development in Europe and Asia. All requests from the car manufacturers are coming directly to us, "says Groeschel.

This year a turnover of 90 million € will be achieved in Linz. With the sale of development services to sister plants Nemak Linz will grow for the future. With production of 1.3 million cylinder heads in 2011 in Kleinmünchen/Austria they "at the limit".


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