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ABP Induction to supply 2 IFM-S induction furnaces to Shandong in China

Perfect safety and intelligent technology were the deciding factors for the order

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ABP Induction has delivered and commissioned two IFM-S type induction furnaces to China. The Dortmund-based company has thus once again prevailed over the customer's established market partners. The decisive factors for placing the order were the high safety performance and the intelligent technology installed in the ABP systems, combined with more environmentally friendly operation.

The two induction furnace plants with TWIN-POWER® energy supply were delivered to Shandong Himile Mechanical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. in Gaomi in Eastern China from March 2019. The complete system was commissioned within 60 days of the arrival of the equipment and systems. 

An important factor for ABP: to be present in the market. The customer already operates furnaces from other market players. Nevertheless, we were able to convince him of the benefits of the ABP systems. Such benefits include the operational safety features and the advanced technology, especially with regard to the TWIN-POWER® technology. This makes is possible for customers to carry out melting with one furnace, while at the same time sintering or holding with the other furnace. The customer benefits from a higher degree of converter utilization, lower maintenance and investment costs, and ultimately also protects the environment. This is ensured by the ABP PRODAPT® melt processor, which calculates the energy requirement on the basis of the furnace content and enables effective control of the energy supply for melting and holding operation.

"We see that we can generate economic benefits for our customers through our innovative ABP technologies – the market recognizes this," explains Andy Jiang, responsible for ABP in the Chinese market.

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