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ABP experts share knowledge via their own podcast

Episode 1 now available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud

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ABP can now be heard: A lot of expert knowledge is now available in the ABP Podcast "People. Technology. Success."

In the innovative audio format, ABP experts share their knowledge with you, interviewed in each episode by journalist Michael Braun. The regularly published episodes are available on the well-known podcast platforms iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud and can therefore be heard by anyone on the road in the car or on the train, during training or a break at the office.

Absolutely nothing works in an ABP thyristor melting plant without the „Digital Inverter Control Unit“. If that’s not working, neither is the plant. A new version of the inverter control electronics, called DICU for short at ABP Induction, is now available. DICU2 becomes DICU3 - why this is the case, and what the advantages for the customer as operator of the plant are, is all explained by Johann Konjer, Service Sales Engineer Modernization at ABP Induction in the opening sequence of the new ABP podcast, which is entitled "People. Technology. Success." and thus takes up the claim of the Dortmund company.

In the discussion, moderator Michael Braun and ABP expert Johann Konjer clarify what DICU3 actually means and how foundry operators can profit from the digitalization of their plants, especially with regard to plant availability, work safety and maintenance.

The ABP Podcast will be available regularly from now on, always in a well consumable length. ABP would like to use it to report on current developments in the industrial environment and to provide insights into the solutions offered by the Dortmund-based company.

In order to reach the widest possible audience, the podcast is available on all common podcast platforms - of course on iTunes for all Apple users, but also on Spotify and Soundcloud.




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