AGTOS celebrates its tenth anniversary

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With an AGTOS day, a day just for the employees, the Emsdettener jet turbine manufacturer AGTOS committed its tenth anniversary.

The staff of the Polish company also participated in various activities.

AGTOS-Gebäude in Emsdetten
AGTOS building in Emsdetten
Ersatzteillager im AGTOS-Gebäude in Emsdetten
Spare parts warehouse in AGTOS building in Emsdetten

AGTOS started in Hollefeldstr , Emsdetten, mid-2001. At the end of 2001 the site Konin in Poland for the production with the appropriate machinery was equipped to build the AGTOS machines. In spring 2002 the first wheel blast machine was delivered.

Blick in die AGTOS-Fertigungshalle in Konin (PL)
Look at the production plant in Konin AGTOS (PL)
Eine der zwei AGTOS-Fußball-Mannschaften
One of the two football teams AGTOS
Beide AGTOS-Mixt-Mannschaften in Aktion
Both AGTOS Mixt teams in action

The further development of AGTOS ran very fast. In the following years many other types of machines were developed. Its customers include leading companies such as Volkswagen, Volvo, LUK, ZF, Fendt, Stihl, Jungheinrich, iron foundry Reckers, etc., in 30 countries on 4 continents.

This was the success of all together with a staff that has developed up to now 60 employees in Konin + about 20 foreign workers, and 65 employees in Emsdetten, including 9 apprentices, handled with great dedication and commitment. To fulfill these tasks, the 2003 sqm site was purchased in Emsdetten at Gutenberg Road with a total area of ​​2600 sqm –
Happy Birthday!

Company Info

AGTOS Gesellschaft für technische Oberflächensysteme mbH

Gutenbergstrasse 14
48282 Emsdetten

Telephone: +49 (0) 2572 960 26-0