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AGTOS: Economical shot blasting of castings

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The surface treatment of castings has a decisive influence on the quality of the final products. At the fair GIFA which takes place in Düsseldorf from 25th - 29th June 2019 AGTOS will present a steel mill tumble belt shot blast machine in hall 16, booth A39. This type of machine is used for removal of sand and finishing the surfaces of casted mass products. 

Special features bring decisive advantages to the operator. The brackets of the steel mill tumble belt are designed to be particularly wear-resistant. The change intervals extend significantly. The ventilation of the blasting chamber has been designed in a special manner which ensures that the workpieces leave it dust-free immediately after blasting. In this way, the cycle time can be shortened. A longer air outlet is avoided after the blasting process. In addition, the system has comparatively small gaps in the blasting chamber. This prevents jamming of the workpieces and ensures their quality.

In addition, the plants will be equipped with the strong and easy-to-maintain AGTOS high-performance turbines. Even the reliable filter technology is a popular advantage due to the maintenance-friendly design. The exhibition team likes to show the details at the exhibit.

Process flow
The workpieces are fed to the blasting system by means of a feeding device. A steel caterpillar belt forms a hollow and mixes it. After the machine is closed, the blasting process starts. High-performance turbines installed in the upper part of the blasting room throw the blasting abrasive onto the parts. This way they are removed from the molding sand and blasted. By changing the belt movement in the forward run the workpieces move back from the blasting chamber into grid boxes, or on a discharge belt. After the blasting process, a coating or the dispatch of the workpieces follows.

AGTOS was founded in 2001 in Emsdetten by experienced employees in the industry. Meanwhile, over 160 employees work at the two locations. In Emsdetten, the headquarters of the company, the concept development as well as the desin of the blast wheel blasting machines are carried out. The own production is located in the Polish town of Konin, near Poznan.

The constant focus on the requirements of the customers has meant that the company is also internationally known as a specialist in the design and manufacture of wheel blasting machines for roughening, cleaning, de-rusting, descaling and solidifying. That's why customers on all five continents work with AGTOS blasting machines.

In addition to new centrifugal blast machines AGTOS offers used blast machines. This is advantageous for companies that need a blasting machine at very short notice, or use it only temporarily.

The abrasive used in the wheel blasting machines does not only work on the workpiece surfaces. The abrasive effect is also noticeable in the shot blasting machines. Therefore, the service, ie the storage and delivery as well as the installation of spare and wear parts play a major role. In addition, maintenance, repair and modernization work on machines from other manufacturers are offered by the company. These are always carried out by experienced specialists.

AGTOS booth: Messe GIFA, Düsseldorf, v. 25th-29th June 2019 in hall 16, booth A39.

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