APF - Portuguese Foundry Association held the XIX Nacional Foundry Congress, on May 11, at Torre Oliva, in S. João da Madeira, whose theme was Foundry: Future and Challenges.

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The Congress included an approach to the current problems faced by the sector, its positioning in an economy that is increasingly intended to be sustainable, in addition to the usual technical topics that are intended to be innovative. It counted on experts from different areas, who exposed their knowledge at various moments of the program, either in the two debate panels on current topics, or in the presentation of technical and technological innovations related to the latest developments in terms of materials, products, and technological processes.

The opening session of the conference was attended by the President of APF and the Board Member of EDP Comercial.

At the Congress, 6 different panels were presented, the first panel focus on “Circular Economy and the Energy Transition”, where techniques for the recovery of foundry waste, namely foundry sand, and techniques to make the energy sector more sustainable were presented.

The second panel presented the “Technologies and Markets” of the foundry sector, where topics such as BREF SF, the creation of value in the foundry sector, the new technologies developed, and the opportunities of the Portuguese railway were addressed.

After lunch, two panels took place, in parallel, where the “Technologies” for the ferrous metals sector and for the non-ferrous metals sector were described. To achieve the goals for a sector with more “Digitization”, topics such as Cybersecurity, 3D printing, and metallic additive manufacturing were discussed.

Finally, in the last panel of the Congress, the preliminary results of the project “Capacitation of the Foundry Sector: a transition to a circular and digital economy” were presented, as well as good practices and management quality for this transition.

The Congress ended with the intervention of the President of the Board of Directors of Banco Português de Fomento and the President of APF.”

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