Cacídio Girardi is the new president of ABIFA and SIFESP

On May 13, Cacídio Girardi assumed the presidency of ABIFA – Brazilian Foundry Association and SIFESP – Employer Union of Foundry Industry in the State of São Paulo, for the triennium 2022-2025

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Cacídio Girardi succeeds Afonso Gonzaga, who presided both entities since 2016

Check here ( the last speech by Afonso Gonzaga at the head of ABIFA/SIFESP, which emphasis on the objective of bringing entrepreneurs closer to the main foundry centers country, prioritizing the sector's collectivity.

About Cacídio Girardi

With a degree in Chemistry, a postgraduate degree in Business Administration for Executives (INPG – Blumenau/SC) and a degree in Productivity for Competitiveness (Sida – Sweden), Cacídio Girardi was a Science teacher at schools in Blumenau (from 1969 to 1976) and university professor at FURB, in the discipline: Introduction to Chemical Engineering Processes (since 1981).

In 1976, he joined Electro Aço Altona S.A., a company in which he has served as CEO since 2008.

Director of ABIFA since 2010, Cacídio Girardi is also director of SIMMMEB – Sindicato das Indústrias Metalúrgicas, Mecânicas e do Material Elétrico de Blumenau (since 2011) and member of the board of ACIB – Associação Empresarial de Blumenau (since 2010).

First speech

In his inaugural speech, Cacídio Girardi emphasized that ABIFA and SIFESP are living organisms, whose survival depends on the commitment of all those involved: “Our management will emphasize associativism, providing the Associate with information, encouraging him to participate in meetings and events that can add improvements”.

Cacídio Girardi also highlighted one of the functions of ABIFA and SIFESP as class entities, in the defense and representation of their Associates in their demands before government bodies. “However, we need to listen to them, to know the demands of their companies. Therefore, we emphasize the need for you to participate in our meetings”.

The incentive to innovate processes, products and equipment was another topic addressed in the president's speech, as a way of promoting competitiveness in the Brazilian casting, circumventing the adversities inherent to the “Custo Brasil”.

Human capital was also remembered, because without people there is no industry. The training of the sector's workforce follows an important banner of ABIFA, which continually renews its partnerships with educational institutions, such as the SENAI schools.

The event

Cacídio Girardi assumed the presidency of ABIFA and SIFESP on May 13, in a ceremony held in the auditorium of FIESP – Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo.

Present on the occasion were the now former presidents Afonso Gonzaga (2016/2022 administration), Remo de Simone (2013/2016), Luiz Carlos Koch (2001/2007) and José Aoad Raya (1995/2001).

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