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ASK Chemicals Polska on display at METAL 2012

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One-stop shop for innovative solutions

The METAL International Fair of Technologies for Foundry in Kielce, Poland, from September 25 to 27, is the most important gathering of members of the foundry industry. At this year’s event, ASK Chemicals will be in Hall F, Stand W-80, showcasing a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of foundry products.

The first-class service and thorough knowledge  of the foundry industry offered by ASK’s experts will round out the offering of binders, coatings, feeders, filters and release agents in addition to metallurgical products such as inoculants, inoculant wires and master alloys for iron casting.

INOTEC™: cutting-edge, emission-free core binders for light-alloy and non-ferrous metal casting

At METAL 2012, a spotlight will focus on the  company’s INOTEC™ technology, especially suited to light-metal and non-ferrous metal casting. INOTEC™ offers not only benefits for the environment and workers, but also decisive advantages in quality and increased productivity. The product’s ecological benefits are derived from the fact that the inorganic binders used give off virtually no harmful emissions. Therefore, they make it possible to forgo elaborate ventilation and air treatment systems in the process chain.
INOTEC™ technology is used to produce parts such as engine blocks and cylinder heads for the next-generation diesel and gasoline engine series. INOTEC™ is also becoming the standard for manufacturing high-stress vehicle parts.
New possibilities in foundry techniques and improved cast part properties, such as INOTEC™ provides, open up new development potential for engine makers. This promotes thin-walled casting, downsizing and the ensuing production of highly efficient, low-emission yet powerful engines. There is a boost to foundry productivity while costs are significantly reduced thanks to less need for service and maintenance.
The benefits of INOTEC™ technology, however,  are not limited to just the automotive and aluminum casting industries. They are also clearly visible in the field of high-performance engines, for example. What’s more: initial evidence from the areas of iron and steel casting shows that they may profit from using inorganic binders as well. For example, the casting shows considerable advantages with regard to inhibiting veining and reducing gases.

Optimal casting results with EXACTCAST™ OPTIMA
At METAL 2012, EXACTCAST™ OPTIMA will celebrate its premiere on the Polish market. This new mini-riser provides all the benefits of the successful click-clack riser while serving as an economical foundry solution. The fluorine-free version of EXACTCAST™ OPTIMA especially helps reduce surface defects, graphite  degeneration and of course, disposal costs. EXACTCAST™ OPTIMA’s non-fixed molded part eliminates the need for manual insertion. It falls into the ideal position virtually without friction - an important time-saver leading to greater efficiency. This innovative concept causes no wear on the riser material as the mold is being compacted. With its extreme process reliability, it makes another contribution to optimal casting.
Avoiding Chunky Graphite by Using SMW-insert™
Another highlight of the trade fair in Kielce will be the SMW insert™ for manufacturing cast iron with nodular graphite. Taking into account the development of higher-quality and thicker-walled cast parts from cast iron with nodular graphite, the SMW insert™ was developed on the basis of the already successful application of SMW 605 to prevent the formation of chunky graphite. This can also be used in combination with the practically tested Germalloy™ inserts in the casting pouring basin. With an inoculant addition of 0.20% depending on the disruptive element content as well as for component-related reasons, the ratio can be 0.10% to 0.10%, for example. All P-inserts already known (P 300 to P 30) are available (figure 1).

The SMW blank™ can be used in combination with both preconditioning with VL(Ce)2 and with the application of cerium-free/low-cerium FeSiMg alloys, e.g. VL 63 O/VL 63 M. Here, it is also important that small inserts be used as “starters” (P 300, P 500 and P 800). This ensures that the cast iron that flows in first (which solidifies  in the vicinity of risers) does not contain any chunky graphite and that the “inoculation effect” commences from the start of the mold filling.

MAGNASET™: a new generation of furan resins
Ever since furan resins with an alcohol concentration of more than 25% furfuryl alcohol (as a monomer) were declared “toxic”, European foundries have been faced with a new challenge. They can choose to continue working with standard furan resins, convert to alternative systems, or plan to implement the latest generation of furan resins. 
What makes the new MAGNASET™ furan resin binder special is that its furfuryl alcohol comes in the form of a polymer, which distinguishes its resin qualities from those of conventional resins with high monomer content. The benefits of these new furan resin binders are plain to see. MAGNASET™ binders are not toxic. They lower FA emissions in the workplace, have very good sand technique properties and produce excellent casting surfaces.
Antoni Gieniec, European Product Manager for Furan Resins, will be giving a talk about the company’s initial experiences with and findings on next-generation furan resins on September 26, 2012 at 2 p.m. in hall G, room G2.
Genuine added value for the Polish foundry market 
ASK Chemicals’ employees are  marked by their thorough knowledge of the industry and technical know-how. Thanks to that know-how, customers of ASK Chemicals can rest assured that the company’s experts are able to provide tailored and optimal solutions at all times. Jan Hucek, general manager of ASK Chemicals Polska, says, “Together with our first-class products, this makes us a supplier who truly offers its customers added value.” 

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