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ASK Chemicals Presents Innovative Solutions and Expert Know-How at the 72nd World Foundry Congress 2016

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The future of casting

Under the motto “The future of casting” ASK Chemicals will be staging its portfolio and presenting five papers on its latest developments at this year’s World Foundry Congress in Nagoya.

The future of the casting industry is clearly focused on developing environmentally sound and sustainable solutions. ASK Chemicals’ research and development focus has been set on sustainability for a long time. Great efforts have been made to reduce emissions by reducing binder dosages or developing water-based coatings technology further. With its development of INOTEC technology, ASK Chemicals has shaped the market for inorganic binders.

One highlight at ASK Chemicals’ booth in Nagoya will be ASK Chemicals’ INOTEC inorganic binder technology. Another product that will be presented to the Japanese foundry industry will be ECOCURE HE, a highly efficient cold box binder that facilitates a reduction in the binder dosage as well as the addition rates of additives and amines. Last but not least, ECOCURE HE has proven highly productive in terms of cycle times.

In addition, the recently launched UDICELL tubular filter technology will be staged in Nagoya. UDICELL tubular foam ceramic filters are perfectly suited to the secure filtering of large quantities of liquid metal and feature a unique, value-added design. The advantages of this design include more than three times the filter area compared to a conventional plate-shaped filter of the same size, a self-supporting geometry, minimized risk of filter breakage, a compact structure, and a quick and easy installation.

Visitors to the World Foundry Congress will not only have the chance to exchange and discuss with ASK Chemicals experts at Booth B-63 in Hall 3, but will receive up-to-date information during the conference sessions.

ASK Chemicals will be presenting in total five papers on the latest trends and important developments:

• In his paper “Inorganic Binders – the end of shell sand?” Dr. Heinz Deters will give a comparison of both technologies, stressing the technological and application advantages of INOTEC technology and explaining why more and more foundries are converting from organic to inorganic binder systems.

• The paper “New coatings and additives concepts for defect and residue free castings” presented by Dr. Reinhard Stötzel will outline, first, the trend toward coating-free foundry processes. Engineered sand additives VEINO ULTRA and ISOSEAL are such a development that makes these processes possible. The second part of his lecture will focus on a high-performance water-based coating, MIRATEC TS, which allows coating residues to be reduced to a minimum and thereby satisfy the strict requirements of the OEMs, which are forcing the foundries to supply residue-free castings.

• Calogero Vassallo will explain in his paper “Process improvement by optimal use of feeding systems” how and why advanced mini-riser technology supports the sustainable growth of foundries. Modern and advanced feeding technology can help to achieve process improvements such as increased yield, greater production performance, and enhanced casting quality, combined with a significant development in health and safety aspects.

• With his paper “Core shooting simulation – to the economic and environmental advantage of a foundry” Christof Nowaczyk will show the enormous potential that core shooting simulation offers not only for development and production processes but also for productivity. In the highly competitive international foundry market, this represents a distinct contribution to increasing and/or maintaining competitiveness.

• The paper “Benchmarking high-production sand core and mold binder systems and most recent advances” will be presented by Tsukasa Homma. In his lecture, Tsukasa Homma will present the recent significant development of high-production binder systems. This paper will also highlight sand blowing and curing simulation and demonstrate how process simulation is effective in optimizing tooling and process design. Lastly, future visions of high-production sand binder systems including both organic and inorganic systems will be discussed.

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