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August Mössner - Service in a new Dimension

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Standstill is not an option in times of turbulence.

That is why the service at August Mössner has more than one dimension. And it offers more than one solution. It offers competent employees, various ways of action and the latest technology. All with one goal: to make sure it works for you.

Machine inspections, maintenance, repairs and spare parts - everything is taken care of by the August Mössner team, which continues to ask the question: "What else can we do for you?"

As there is much that can be done – and there is a lot that takes you further. This includes, for example, the new Augmented Support App. With this app and the use of data glasses and tablets, August Mössner can analyse problems at the customer’s site more quickly and solve them together with the contact person. In addition, information and documents can be easily read on the machine via a QR code. There is no need to search for the corresponding documentation and the important information is quickly available. Furthermore, the documents and information made available via cloud are always up to date. There is no need to update and handle the documents for the customer.

Further advantages of the app are the possibility of support by live video and thus also the cost-efficient, prompt support by additional, possibly also external experts.August Mössner's ability to act quickly and easily is always aimed at increasing the productivity and availability of your equipment and reducing downtimes.

Have we sparked your interest? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Company Info

August Mössner GmbH + Co KG

Hohenstaufenstraße 3
73569 Eschach

Telephone: +49 (0)7175/99806–0