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BLANK expands Board of Management - company ready for the future

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BLANK - Precision from the fire! The corporate slogan stands for more than the quality of its products and employees, because now the entire organisation has moved up another gear. In 2011, BLANK achieved the best sales result in its corporate history. Everything is geared to further growth. To support this development, new members have been added to the Managing Board and the company organisation has been optimised.

"As one of Germany's largest investment casting companies, we achieved an impressive and convincing sales result of more than € 60 million in 2011", says Werner Blank, spokesperson of the Managing Board, with some pride. Always in tune with its dynamic markets, BLANK has evolved from a modest 8-man investment casting business to one of the most successful and expert system suppliers and partners for investment casting and finished components. Investment casting parts and assemblies from Riedlingen are mainly used in the automotive industry and in machinery and plant construction. For instance, most of today's turbo-superchargers operate with valve discs from BLANK. Similarly, BLANK investment casting parts provide optimum reliability and work safety in professional tools such as angle grinders, axial presses or nailing machines.  
Today, more than 450 employees work at the investment casting producer in southern Germany. Annually, BLANK casts more than 3,500 tons of alloys from steels, vacuum materials, and aluminium and copper-based alloys. BLANK stands for superior products, groundbreaking developments and the right decisions at the right times, true to the slogan Precision from the fire!

In the future, BLANK is committed even more to producing the best investment castings, moulds and finished components, and to being an excellent development partner. Central to its corporate philosophy is not only recognising customers' wishes, but also rapidly translating them into excellent, high-quality products. To ensure it continues to live up to this promise, the company has made some changes.

A family-owned company located in the upper-Swabian town of Riedlingen, Germany, BLANK upgraded its management team at the beginning of the new fiscal year and laid down new cornerstones for a successful future. The Managing Board was expanded and the company restructured accordingly.
Axel Breitling was appointed Commercial Managing Director and Ingo Bitzer became Technical Managing Director. Werner Blank continues to act as the management spokesperson in the strategic field of the company. At the same time, this puts in place a long-term solution for the succession of Mr. Blank, who has been at the helm of the company since 1984 as its shareholding managing director.

The drive for this future strategy comes from within the company, from its customers and partners, and from its employees themselves. Experience, expertise and reliability, a corporate vision focused on customer satisfaction, and a committed, skilled team are the pillars of BLANK's success, or in other words, the foundations for Precision from the fire!