BMW plant in Steyr, Austria will produce the drive housing for the iX3 exclusively

The BMW engine plant in Steyr exclusively produces all drive housings for the electrically driven new BMW iX3 series. The technology behind it has a special feature: the gearbox and power electronics are combined.

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The BMW engine plant in Steyr exclusively manufactures all electric drive housings for the automaker's new iX3. The annual production capacity is to be increased to 460,000 units by 2025. The company announced in a press release on Tuesday.

What is special about the drive unit is that the electric motor, the gearbox and the power electronics are combined in the 22 kilogram housing. This saves installation space. It is also scalable - that is, different sizes and performance levels can be manufactured on one line. The metal casting is manufactured in the BMW plant in Landshut. Mechanical processing takes place in Steyr.

In addition to manufacturing the housings, the Steyr plant also has expertise in developing new electric drives. For example, they are analyzed on an acoustic test bench. The sound measurements provide insights for further optimization of the components. In many areas of application, this saves the time-consuming and costly construction of a complete vehicle.

Source:, apa/red