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Bright ideas for the Bright World of Metals: Norican’s line up of launches

Through a thrilling mix of Augmented Reality (AR), virtualization and physical displays, delegates visiting Hall 11, stand A74 – A78 at GIFA will receive a truly unique experience – a ground-breaking tour of Norican Group’s ‘Complete Connected Foundry’.

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Norican – greater than the sum of its parts  
Comprising new and proven innovations from DISA, Italpresse Gauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator, the exhibit has been designed to deliver inspiring insights into how Norican Group can help die casting and green sand customers implement technologies and make connections that will optimise productivity, quality and resource control across the entire foundry. 

“GIFA 2019 is about showcasing how the innovations we offer interconnect, add value to each other, and benefit our customers as a comprehensive offering”, said Peter Holm Larsen, President, Parts Formation, Norican Group. “The capabilities of our four technologies, powered by Norican Digital, means Norican is greater than the sum of its parts. We are able to take a ‘big picture’ view, see where and how we can link solutions to optimise and digitalise entire die casting and green sand foundry processes. GIFA delegates will be able to see and experience exactly how all these connections work by visiting our stand.”

Here are just a few of the exciting innovations delegates can expect to see on their tour:

DISA – premiering “game-changers” for Zero Defect Manufacturing 
In addition to showcasing its proven range of green sand metal casting and moulding solutions, DISA will premier a trio of disruptive digital innovations. By transforming how foundries troubleshoot and optimise critical processes, they help make Zero Defect Manufacturing a reality.

  • DISA’s ingenious new, patent-pending Trace and Guidance (TAG) concept delivers 100% traceability to slash quality-related costs. By adding a unique ID to each casting, TAG reveals  the process parameters responsible for every piece of scrap.
  • The trailblazing Mould Accuracy Controller (MAC) alerts operators to mould mismatches and gaps before the mould is poured, helping make scrap, rework and damaging melt run-through a thing of the past.
  • The next-generation Monitizer | CIM is the third solution in DISA’s scrap-busting line-up. The digital backbone that delivers a complete real-time and historic view of foundry data, Monitizer | CIM is now even more powerful. Coupled with the Industry 4.0, IIoT-based Monitizer | CLOUD, foundries can collect, monitor, and analyse foundry data from one or multiple global sites to boost productivity. 

Visitors to the Norican stand will have hands-on access to both hardware and digital models, including an interactive DISA Digital Twin (a digital simulation of a moulding machine) so they can see for themselves how process data, real-time analysis and forensic quality control combine to help trace and eliminate scrap.

Italpresse Gauss – showcasing smart data insight for die casting foundries
Italpresse Gauss has been the leader in high pressure and gravity die casting since 1969. At GIFA, the aluminium and light alloy casting technology specialist will prove how it plans to remain at the cutting edge for the next 50 years. The evidence? A series of touchscreen and augmented reality displays that demonstrate its groundbreaking data-driven solutions for unlocking greater productivity.

  • Stand visitors can experience the AMe app during simulated machine part inspections. AMe delivers live video call support from Italpresse Gauss service engineers, access to AR step-by-step guidance and 3D view data to guide maintenance procedures.
  • Virtual displays will also show how the HMe system - which monitors machine, process and peripheral equipment (including mobile device) data - supports real-time, holistic insight and responsive action to boost line efficiency and casting quality. 

StrikoWestofen – displaying digital solutions to optimise resources 
From melting and metal transport to dosing, StrikoWestofen’s solutions use less energy and resources, generate low emissions, and lower the risk of rejects. Its latest innovations on show at GIFA 2019 are no exception and include:

  • Refill Monitor, which continuously checks the fill levels of Westomat dosing furnaces so they can be optimized at all times. This eliminates any risk of running dry or over-filling - and the stoppages they cause. The Refill Monitor has the new Norigate built-in to capture and store sensor data for dashboard-based visualisation.
  • Part Load Efficiency Controller for StrikoMelter helps foundries lengthen melting times to avoid stop/start wastage, reducing energy consumption by up to 20%. By partly automating furnace operation, the Controller also helps improve labour and process efficiency.

Visitors looking for the StrikoMelter melting furnace and StrikoMelter BigStruc - which remelts large structural parts with reduced energy consumption thanks to a clever, covered shaft design - will be able to experience them on the stand. Completing the GIFA line-up are the Westomat dosing furnace, replacement pre-sintered refractory parts that potentially reduce plant downtime by 60%, the mobile heating station for ceramic components of dosing furnaces, and a preview of new ProDos3 control software that simplifies the user experience.

Wheelabrator – revealing new technologies, new ways of working
Surface preparation specialist Wheelabrator will be taking advantage of GIFA to unveil its exciting suite of new innovations, solutions and enhancements.

  • Heading the line-up is a new, heavy duty Universal blast wheel – the UC70. After a year of rigorous testing, the concept’s full spec, design details and anticipated performance will be unveiled during the show.
  • Moving from new product to new possibilities, a video display on the Norican stand will show how part design – including complex parts with intricate internal structures – and associated processes can be significantly enhanced by the latest wheel and air blast simulation technology. 

The stand will also showcase the latest machine innovations including: the SPH-2-3/8, a new aluminium-specific compact blast machine, the LBS 1000, a lighter version of the LBS mesh belt shot blast machine range particularly suited to processing aluminium parts, and a new range of wire mesh belt shot blast machines, type CMS, for components too delicate to turnblast.

Finally, GIFA delegates will be able to learn more about how Wheelabrator Vibro’s free, lab-supported process review can benchmark and improve their vibratory mass finishing processes. Unique in the industry, the Vibro team guarantees an improved process: whether that’s faster, better quality, lower cost - or all three.

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