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Cooperation between MAGMA and GTP Schäfer advances foundry 4.0 and the digitalisation of the casting industry: Technical data now available in MAGMASOFT®

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Grevenbroich/Aachen, Germany, 1 May 2019 – GTP Schäfer, Europe’s leading producer of exothermic and insulating risers, and MAGMA, the world’s leading provider of software for the simulation and optimisation of casting processes, announce a new cooperation. Technical riser data of the GTP Schaefer product range is to be made available in MAGMASOFT®. MAGMASOFT® is a comprehensive and powerful simulation tool, that enables foundries to improve quality, optimise processes and reduce manufacturing costs by allowing the foundry to simulate gating and risering prior to the production of castings. The shape and size of the riser, as well as the position can be adjusted until the desired solidification is reached permitting the production of castings free from porosity and stress.

Due to the technical cooperation between MAGMA and GTP Schäfer, based in Grevenbroich in the industrial heartland of western Germany, the thermo-physical data for the GTP Schäfer product range is made available to all MAGMASOFT® 5.4 users worldwide, plus all who have purchased the update rights, to simulate castings.

The data of GTP Schäfer’s standard product range enables the foundry to select risers having a modulus between 0.7 to 5.0 cm via a database accessed from the MAGMASOFT® 5.4 program. Supplementary to the standard product range an online interface developed between MAGMASOFT® and the digital online portal “GTP Toolbox”, allows users to import their customised, portfolio that includes risers that were specifically developed to meet the individual requirement of the customer into MAGMA. The user friendly toolbox data offers access to riser, sleeve and breaker core geometries in both 2D and 3D format meaning that labour intensive creation of files for individual customer use is no longer necessary. The riser data that can be accessed directly from the GTP Toolbox or via the main GTP website is, therefore, always up-to-date.

Visit the stands of both GTP Schäfer and MAGMA at the world famous GIFA exhibition held in Dusseldorf between June 25th and 29th 2019 to see what this new cooperation can offer you.

Exhibitor data for GTP Schäfer at GIFA 2019
GTP Schäfer
Hall 12, A29/30 

Exhibitor data for MAGMA at GIFA and METEC 2019
Hall 12, A19/20 and Hall 4, E29