buntmetall amstetten orders extrusion press for NF metals and billet heater

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Austria-based buntmetall amstetten, a company of the German Wieland group, has placed an order with SMS group ( for the supply of a 50-MN extrusion press for NF metals and an inductive billet heater to be installed upstream of the press.

The new 50-MN extrusion press will replace the existing 25-MN SMS-Schloemann extrusion press built in 1961. The new press and its ability to handle higher input weights will provide buntmetall amstetten the possibility to boost the productivity of its operations and further expand its range of “specialty” products.

The extrusion press will come with fully automatic handling equipment. All manual activities will in future be performed by an industrial robot.

The billet heater, to be installed upstream of the press, will consist of four vertical induction furnaces, which will be supplied by the SMS group company IAS, based in Iserlohn, Germany. Heating the billets in vertical induction furnaces is an innovative approach which allows to bring also difficult-to-heat alloys to the required pressing temperature within a narrow tolerance range.

Commissioning of the extrusion press and the billet heater is scheduled to take place in spring 2017. At its Amstetten works, buntmetall produces tubes, bars, rods, wires and profiles made of copper and copper alloys. The products are used in sectors as wide ranging as facilities engineering, solar systems engineering, heating and air conditioning equipment, mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering, the aviation and automotive industries, ship building and offshore technology, and even computer technology and advanced supraconductors. The Austria-based company exports 90 percent of its products.

buntmetall amstetten is a leading producer of semifinished and finished parts made of copper and copper alloys in Europe.

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