Hebei Puyang Steel issues FAC to SMS group for single-strand slab caster

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New plant integrated into existing works

Hebei Puyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (Puyang Steel), China, has issued to SMS group ( the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for the single-strand slab caster commissioned in 2015.

SMS group met the customer’s high expectations by cooperating extremely successfully with Puyang Steel and achieving fast commissioning and a steep run-up curve of the plant.

Jointly with Puyang Steel and building on its profound experience and proficiency, SMS group developed a tailor-made and fully integrated concept that fits perfectly into the existing structural situation of the works. The new caster was integrated into the existing bay, using the available crane systems.

With the new continuous caster supplied by SMS group, Puyang Steel has expanded its range of slabs produced, above all by high-quality grades, such as peritectic microalloyed and high-strength steels, high-carbon and boron-alloy grades, premium steels and pipeline grades.

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