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CastExpo: ELKEM AS - Improve Magnesium Treatment of Ductile Iron

Elkem’s LAMET® Nodulizer and TOPSEED™ Cover Alloy


For a Delayed, Quieter Reaction that Leads to:

  • Less Spillage, Fume, and Slag
  • Higher Magnesium Recoveries
  • Consistent Nodular-Graphite Structure
  • Improved Quality at Lower Costs

As shown, Elkem’s LAMET® nodulizer and TOPSEED™ cover alloy gives a much
quieter reaction with less spillage, fume, and slag. In addition, Elkem’s metallurgically trained sales representatives can help design process adjustments that increase magnesium recoveries and lower costs compared to conventional-treatment practices. These adjustments reduce temperature losses, allow faster filling, delay the release of magnesium, significantly improve magnesium recoveries, and give desired ductile-iron microstructures.

Visit our booth at CastExpo to see the full video comparing the two practices. Then talk to an Elkem Foundry Products representative about redesigning your ductile-iron treatment practice to maximize the benefits available from using Elkem’s LAMET® nodulizer and TOPSEED™ cover alloy.
“Lamet” and “Topseed” are Elkem trademarks.

Ductile-iron foundries can efficiently treat, inoculate, and pour iron from the same ladle using Elkem’s LAMET® nodulizer and TOPSEED™ cover alloy. This combination gives a much quieter reaction (shown in the second photo) with less spillage, fume, and slag. It also delays the release of magnesium, increasing magnesium recoveries and lowering costs.

Visit Our Booth #1664 at CASTEXPO!
Doug White & Chris Lisso

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