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China drives rising demand for matchplate moulding lines

DISA has seen a surge in demand for moulding lines using matchplate technology, driven by enquiries from Chinese customers for large DISA MATCH lines.

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The trend mainly comes from foundries producing larger castings initially looking for horizontal moulding machines and then switching to matchplate technology during the enquiry process. The growing brake drum market in China is another driver.

Jerry Ma, VP Sales OEM Foundry for DISA in China, explains: “What we’re seeing in China is that a successful sale of a DISA MATCH to one foundry then leads to many foundries in the same area or region to follow. For example, we have sold a number of DISA MATCH 32/32 for delivery in 2018. These current orders are for the production of big castings, mainly brake discs and other agricultural/general industrial machinery components. The brake drum market is expanding in China, but many customers will still go with a flask line for these types of castings. 

Real-life benefits
We have been working hard to convince them of the benefits of DISA MATCH technology, but the most powerful case is made by other foundries close by choosing a DISA MATCH and demonstrating its advantages in real life - better than we could ever do in conversation. We’re confident - and delighted - that matchplate technology will continue its march through the large castings market in China.”

A similar rise in demand for matchplate technology from DISA has been seen in Turkey, where - unlike in China - smaller DISA MATCH lines are also sought after. 

In China, customers looking for a moulding line for smaller castings tend to move straight to vertical moulding technology. The new DISAMATIC C3 was developed in direct response to this market demand.

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