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Complete foundry solution from DISA lowers the cost of every casting

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      “We chose to work with DISA, because of their complete foundry solution, single point of contact for all
       service-related issues, and one-stop solution for all potential incidents. From the perspective of project
       management, these factors have made every aspect of our cooperation as well as all our foundry
       processes much easier to manage and much more cost-effective.”

                            Mr. Li Zhenyi, Vice President, FUZHOU SAMUEL MACHINERY & ELECTRONICS

Company Profile

One of the major iron casting companies in Greater China

FUZHOU SAMUEL MACHINERY & ELECTRONICS was founded in 2001 and is a subsidiary of the Advancision Precision Group, established in 1973. It is a supplier of automotive parts, providing integrated design, casting, processing and manufacturing services associated with those parts. The company’s products include brake discs, steering knuckles, engine mounts and other related cast iron and cast aluminium parts.

Since its establishment as a small iron casting business, Advancision Precision Group has grown into one of the major iron casting companies in Greater China, and end customers include global automotive OEMs such as Ford, Mitsubishi, Honda and Nissan. As part of an ambitious strategy to consistently diversify its business portfolio and expand market presence, the foundry has cooperated with DISA for more than 20 years, most recently introducing its 16th DISA moulding line, forming part of a complete foundry solution.

Challenges, Solution and Results

CHALLENGE - Beyond counting costs
“In many ways, FUZHOU SAMUEL MACHINERY & ELECTRONICS is a great example of the inner workings of the foundry industry: We’re a cast iron company constantly seeking to increase production and cost-efficiency, while at the same time aiming for process simplification and overall improvement of safety standards. By introducing DISA’s complete foundry solution, we’ve done just that. We’ve gone beyond counting costs, and have initiated a ripple effect that allows us to mitigate all these challenges on a daily basis. We’ve simply reduced the cost of every casting made.” Mr. Li Zhenyi emphasizes. 

SOLUTION - A lean, mean DISA machine
The complete foundry solution installed at FUZHOU SAMUEL MACHINERY & ELECTRONICS includes a DISA 231 (now DISAMATIC D3) vertical moulding line, a 90-ton sand processing line, 5 shot blast machines and a dust collection system for the entire factory. Additionally, the solution comprises an automatic apron conveying and abrasive removing equipment, jointly developed with DISA. 

RESULT - Massive advantages from integrating Norican technologies
“The entire process from moulding and core setting to sand preparation, collection, cooling and recycling is very smooth and helps us to achieve a real automatic circulating production. All the processes for collection and recycling of the used sand are centrally controlled – from the beginning of the cooling process, to the collection and adding of moisture to the sand”, Mr. Li Zhenyi sums up some of the massive advantages associated with DISA’s complete foundry solution.

Additionally, the DISA moulding line has two significant benefits during production:

  • Compared to the previous equipment that required 20 minutes to change the match plate, DISA’s match plate changing system completes the change in just 2 minutes, and
  • Casting precision is quite stable at 0.2 mm”.
  • As part of the complete foundry solution, shot blasting is a necessary process for the surface treatment of all castings produced at FUZHOU SAMUEL MACHINERY & ELECTRONICS.

“Different castings need different shot blasting methods, depending on whether the casting can be tumbled. When selecting shot blasting equipment, blasting efficiency and equipment reliability were among the most important factors we considered, and we’ve been very impressed with the high quality delivered by Wheelabrator, another Norican technology.” Mr. Li Zhenyi says.

“Previous domestic shot blasting machines required about 10 to 15 minutes to process 1 ton of castings. The Wheelabrator machine purchased two years ago has significantly shortened this process to 3 to 5 minutes, meaning a three-fold improvement in efficiency. In short, not only do we highly recommend using the efficient DISA vertical moulding line in conjunction with fully automatic, complementary matching equipment in order to benefit from increased cost efficiency; we’ll go so far as to say that using DISA’s complete foundry solution minimizes the cost of every casting”, concludes Mr. Li Zhenyi, Vice President of FUZHOU SAMUEL MACHINERY & ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.

      “With DISA’s complete foundry solution, the efficiency of project implementation and installation is
       much higher than before, making cost control more transparent and effective.”

                 Mr. Li Zhenyi, Vice President, FUZHOU SAMUEL MACHINERY & ELECTRONICS.

Company Info

DISA Industries A/S

Hojager 8
DK – 2630 Taastrup

Telephone: +45 4450 5050