CN - MAGMA ASEAN User Group Meeting 2019

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MAGMA’s User Group Meetings (UGM) are conducted by the local MAGMA entities mostly every year in all of our territories. Due to its limited space Singapore has a very small casting market with only few remaining foundries so we extend our invitations to our “neighbors” from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Even though it’s difficult to find time in their busy schedules and travel for up to several thousand kilometers, we saw a record crowd of 35 participants this year.

As event location we chose the Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, which is located at the city center of Singapore with a splendid view onto the Marina Bay with its famous buildings and beautiful skyline. The event was held on the on the 21st of March and started with a brief welcome presentation by Dr. WangQian Zhao, General Manager and Mr. Jan Eilers, COO of MAGMA Engineering Asia-Pacific which was followed by several customer contributions, alternating with news about MAGMASOFT® developments, autonomous engineering, tips and tricks and best practices to establish robust and profitable casting processes. All major casting processes were covered and insights shared during the presentations and Q&A sessions that followed each presentation.

The highlight of the event was the presentation by guest speaker Mr. Song from Hebei North Casting. Mr. Song was awarded the best speaker award during the China Group Meeting in 2018 and invited to share his insightful presentation on “Predicting Blowhole Defects with MAGMASOFT®”.

In addition to his contribution, we also had 3 success stories from the ASEAN region:

“Implementation of MAGMASOFT as Digitalization for the casting process by Mr. Nofri Nasanudin from Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia made use of the MAGMA APPROACH to tackle a porosity issue at their thread bolt master cylinder. MAGMASOFT has helped them to reduce trial costs, save time whilst being a reliable and highly accurate tool when using the correct input parameters.

Mr. Abdur Rahim from Astra Honda Indonesia presented on “Reducing Misrun in Cylinder Head” in Low Pressure Die Casting Process. Using the optimization technology built in MAGMASOFT they set up multiple objectives to reduce turbulence during filling and reduce air entrapment whilst keeping an eye on the temperature. Getting the right picture, using the ranking and assessment tools available, they managed to reduce the rejects caused by this issue by 15%.

The final customer presentation, also from Astra Honda, was held by Mr. Rizko Tri Nugroho and focused on a swingarm for motorcycles, a very critical part that has strict quality requirements and is produced in a rotacasting process. He showcased how MAGMASOFT® is being used early in the product and also tool design phase, including stress simulation and the capabilities of MAGMAlink to map residual stresses to their FEM. Design changed based on MAGMASOFT® distortion data lead to a reduced deformation down from 6mm to 2mm which is within acceptable range.

Mr. Nofri stated that he got plenty of learnings from this year’s UGM and Mr. Ferdi from NSI found that the guest speaker from China gave a new perspective for our ASEAN Users. Overall, the event as well as the venue was rated good to very good by all participants. One of the most beneficial part of the annual user group meetings is the exchange of knowledge between all participants. All industry professionals with plenty of casting experience contributed during the Q&A sessions. The discussions were fruitful and everyone gained a lot of insights into applying autonomous engineering and simulation best practices for their casting applications.

The event concluded with a dinner in the sky lounge with a beautiful view from the rooftop terrace. Even a brief rain shower couldn’t dim the mood of the participants, who could watch the daily light show in the marina bay from a splendid perspective.

We thank all attendees and especially our users for their contributions and are looking forward to an even bigger crowd next year.