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Colosio: “This is what our workers are asking for"

The Brescia-based Colosio Company, after having paid particular attention about payments to its suppliers and having paid them exactly on the due date, is now getting ready to start again activities from May 4th. Asking to go for it is a specific request from its employees. The request is to return to work and cope with the new orders acquired in these weeks of forced lockdown due to coronavirus.

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In Botticino Sera, a few kilometers from Brescia, one of the most affected areas by the coronavirus, Colosio factory is now planning to go back to work by granting the necessary safety conditions. All activities are underway for the sanitization and maintenance of the systems; because "we need to reopen in full safety and confidence,” explain Emanuela and Davide Colosio. The company founded by their father Giuseppe and now managed by the 2nd generation produces high-pressure die casting machines and related equipment. The turnover Colosio is over 30 million euros and 90 employees, while Relbo, which is another Group Company, has additional 30 units and produces automatic die spraying equipment and automation for HPDC.

Colosio Company has scheduled serological tests and proper distance procedure among its workers: “we have to cope with the incoming orders; those workers who are not feeling comfortable can extend their stay at home”.

Brescia was the first province in Lombardy where the Industrialists' Association and the unions signed a protocol for “Phase 2”. The agreement states the operating rules in the company and starts a health experimentation for epidemiological monitoring inside the factories. “We are organizing serological tests for all employees” – confirms Emanuela – while the working space has been redesigned according to new safety requirements in favor of our employees – confirms Davide – all this in addition to the rules provided by the protocol about safety at the workplace. Safety first !

Furthermore, Colosio Company decided that only those workers who want to, will come back to work, while the others can extend their stay at home if they feel so, but in recent weeks, the workers pushed Emanuela and Davide for reopening by several messages addressed to them and asking steps ahead to restart with production.

In the meantime, during the past weeks our employees from the sales department have been “smart working” from home and acquired new orders from Spain and Italy too. "We have to cope with these new orders as well as with the ones we acquired before the lockdown and had to leave them in a sort of “pending status”.

“Many suppliers sent us their appreciations as we decided for paying them exactly “on time” at the due date without any delay or excuse” and now many of them are committing themselves of doing the same thing with their employees and their suppliers too. This is a help and a support activity to our local supply chain.