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„Deutscher Druckgusstag“, German Die Casting Day 2017

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This year’s German Die Casting Day, organized by the German Die Caster’s Association („Verband Deutscher Druckgießereien (VDG)“), in cooperation with the German Foundry Industry Association („Bundesverband der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie (BDG)“), took place on March 7th in Heidenheim’s Congress Centrum. The organizers reported an attendance of over 170 visitors.

The Come-Together on the eve of the event, which was sponsored by Bühler, included an informal dinner and enjoyable music.

On the following day, the exciting lecture program was started with a welcome and introduction to the event by the Chairman of the VDD, Mr. Gerd Röders, and a presentation by Mr. Thomas Krüger, BDG.

This year's motto was clear: "Prepared for the future". As is usual in the non-exposition years, the focus of the conference was on economic and strategic matters.

Mr. Marcello Fabbroni, Bühler AG, held the first lecture, which focused on the challenges and opportunities of the die casting industry with regard to the most important customer markets, and those which still have a great potential for improvement in the die casting process.

Why magnesium die casting has excellent properties and a considerable additional application potential in all possible areas of technology was made clear by the presentation of Mr. Hartmut Fischer, Andreas Stihl AG.

Mr. Guido Rau, Georg Fischer Automotive AG, took on the important topic of the rise of electromobility. What challenges do electromobility present to the die-casting industry? What does the increase in car sharing mean to sales of new cars? How do the components, and thus the product range, of the die-casting companies change? The answers to these questions make it clear that, in addition to the expected changes, there are many opportunities for die casting. New light-weight structural parts will, for example, compensate for missing components in the engine sector. In the future, the pressure die-castors will continue to be a competitive partner for cast-iron customers.

The full program can be found here: <link file:34117 _blank download file> Programm DDT 2017.PDF

The lectures can be requested at Foundry Planet, please write us an email: <link>

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