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Did you ever try portable and automated 3D measurement?

Here comes your chance: Free Webinar – Quality assurance in the casting industry

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Functionality and advantages of optical 3D measurement technologies

Thursday, October 01 – 11.00 – 12.00p.m. CEST in English
Multilanguage language sessions available!

The casting industry faces many challenges when processing casting blanks and forged parts to meet customer requirements. To ensure the highest quality, the parts must be subjected to regular inspection.

Creaform, a leading global provider of portable and automated 3D measurement solutions, is hosting multilanguage webinars on "Quality assurance in the casting industry: Functionality and advantages of optical 3D measurement technologies" in Spanish on 24 September, in Italian on 30 September, in English on October 1 and in French on October 6.

With an optical 3D measurement technology solution, foundries and cast manufacturers receive a fast, portable, accurate and versatile instrument for measuring, testing and validating cast parts during the iterative processes of product development, as well as quality control and maintenance. In addition, a color map can be used to quickly identify the discrepancies between a casting and its CAD file. The software displays the results in a clear and intuitive way, which makes analysis easier. In contrast to probing, 3D scanning shows the overall view of the inspected part and measures surface profiles, not just individual points.
Let´s get a man from the field to speak:

Steven Kennerknecht, Vice President of Engineering at Alphacasting, explains the importance of 3D scanning solutions for his team: “We use Creaform's HandySCAN 3D to scan complete castings very quickly. It is important for us to be able to digitize the entire surface of a casting and to receive complete inspection reports. This enables us to understand which changes need to be made and to ensure that there is enough material available before machining a cast part. The quality of the scanned data enables us to make better decisions and reduce development time.”

This webinar explains how portable and automated optical 3D measurement technology can be used to accelerate production processes, obtain meaningful results for model corrections, and duplicate components and tools and record their dimensional data.

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