AMETEK Land Demonstrates its Market-Leading

Temperature Measurement Solutions Live at Aluminium 2022

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AMETEK Land, the world leader in high accuracy, non-contact temperature measurement systems, will showcase its latest market-leading solutions for aluminium production and processes during this year’s Aluminium 2022 conference.

LAND will feature models and live demonstrations at stand 1B55 during the conference, which takes place 27-29 Sept. in Düsseldorf, Germany. Attendees will see a number of solutions for industrial processes including liquid aluminium measurements, extrusion, as well as hot and cold rolling.

Accurate temperature measurement of liquid aluminium during melting and pouring is important to ensure high-quality casting and efficient process operation. Liquid aluminium temperature measurement during tapping ensures product quality and process efficiency while minimising waste or rework.

The SPOT range from AMETEK Land provides exceptional capabilities, including highly accurate and stable measurements in aluminium applications.

The SPOT AL smart application pyrometer is an advanced, non-contact infrared pyrometer, specifically designed to provide a single-sensor solution for multiple Aluminium temperature measurement applications. Its unique integrated modes, like the Liquid Aluminium Mode, enable accurate, live high-speed measurements of tapping stream temperatures even on the most reflective liquid aluminium surfaces.

The SPOT AL’s dedicated preset algorithms provide the most accurate digital temperature readings of low and variable emissivity aluminium in extrusion, quench, strip, heating, forming/forging, including high magnesium alloys, for example, in extrusion processes.  It ensures optimized press speed and high-quality products with minimal scrap.

On the stand, AMETEK Land will demonstrate how the SPOT AL is used to provide liquid aluminium measurements using a model of an aluminium tapping stream.

The SPOT Actuator will also be demonstrated working with the SPOT AL. This smart motorized unit provides remotely controlled target alignment and a billet/profile scan. Visitors will see how these two solutions measure real profiles, with a hot spot being detected in real-time on the stand.

Finally, AMETEK Land will demonstrate how the LWIR-640 thermal imaging camera is used for wedge measurement. This model will show a real thermal process on a monitor using the LWIR-640, and how it can be used in processes including cold rolling, measuring into the wedge.

Manfred Hayk, Global Infrared Product Manager said: "Aluminium 2022 will be an exciting opportunity for us all in the industry. We’re keen to showcase our solutions for aluminium through these live demos, which we are adding to all the time as new innovations are launched. Our focus is to provide accurate, stable, and fast products, which we can demonstrate with the SPOT AL range.”

AMETEK Land's advanced, dedicated solutions make it the preferred choice of the world's leading aluminium production and processing operators, providing the accurate, reproducible temperature measurements required. Using decades of experience and expertise working in the aluminium industry, it has developed market-leading products that monitor temperature and provide essential measurements across a wide range of aluminium applications.


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