DISA MATCH – making the impossible possible

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There is a famous notion that bumble bees can’t fly, but no one ever told the humble bumble bee, because he just carries on regardless.

"DISA gives us the ability to put to use the latest innovations in foundry technology, while boosting our efficiency and overall capacity and profitability. DISA MATCH 32/32 is the perfect example." Mr. Paulo Ely, CEO, FUNDIMISA

It is just a myth, no scientist ever really proved it was impossible, but it is often cited to invoke the concept that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be limited in what we can achieve.

Along the same lines, it has been said that you can’t make really heavy castings on a DISA MATCH. But the FUNDIMISA foundry was not going to allow itself to be held back by unfounded limitations…

Impressive number from an impressive foundry

Located in Santo Angelo in Brazil, FUNDIMISA is a jobbing foundry known for its high-quality truck and tractor castings. With an annual plant capacity of 78,000 tonnes, brake drums for trucks weighing 60 kg, and tractor counter weights of 200 kg + are turned out at an amazing 70 m/h, including filter setting and blowing, and with a scrap ratio of only 0.5-1.3% and a casting mismatch of max. 0.5 mm.

“Aiming for new heights in efficiency and quality, we purchased a DISA MATCH 32/32 moulding line in 2011 after having seen it in action at the GIFA show in Germany. After an installation time of just two months and a smooth conversion from our jolt squeeze patterns, our DISA MATCH has enabled us to reach a production rate of 5,000 heavy brake drums per month at a drum casting precision of 0.5 mm and with a fast, precise and repeatable core setting due to the DISA automatic core setter”, Paulo Ely says.

Easy to convert. Easy to operate. And easy to maintain

"DISA MATCH 32/32 is an accurate machine for making accurate castings – even the very heavy and complex ones." Mr. Paulo Ely, CEO, FUNDIMISA


Converting to a more efficient match plate technology “As a significant part of our annual 78,000 tonnes output consists of heavy castings weighing up to as much as 205 kg, I had to pour the first mould myself, as we didn’t believe it would work. We had concerns about the possible re-use of our existing jolt squeeze patterns and how flexible a conversion to the DISA MATCH would actually be. Our concerns were quickly laid to rest, as we could simply remount the majority of our patterns on the larger DISA MATCH plates at very little cost and through simple and smooth processes. The additional concern associated with our production of very heavy, complex castings was also easily overcome: The DISA MATCH 32/32 has passed with flying colours, producing truck brake drums with a casting weight of 60 kg and tractor counter weights with an amazing weight of 205 kg at a very high quality”, Paulo Ely comments.

“The DISA MATCH has transformed our business, increased our efficiency and optimized our competitive power”. Mr. Paulo Ely, CEO, FUNDIMISA

In 2015, the DISA MATCH 32/32 was supplemented with a second line: The vertical 131-Z-350 machine.


Off to a flying start Apart from other equipment used at the plant, FUNDIMISA operates a DISA MATCH 32/32 with 90 minutes cooling time and a mould size of 813 x 813 mm.

“The short installation time and easy pattern plate conversion got us off to a flying start. The easy operation and the both dense and uniform moulds that the MATCH machine allows us to make at a much higher speed than before, have added quality, stability and reliability to our overall moulding processes. And the easy access to maintenance – due to the simplified design without the need for pins and bushings between the cope and drag, is yet another important advantage”, Paulo Ely states.


Transforming business “Although we have had some challenges with rubber belts and the in-chamber spray, we firmly believe that the successful implementation and operation of the MATCH line has allowed us to steadily increase our position as a trusted partner and supplier of competitively priced, quality castings”, Paulo Ely sums up how the DISA MATCH 32/32 moulding machine and technology has helped transform FUNDIMISA.

So, if you ever hear it said that a bumble bee can’t fly, or that castings as heavy as 205kg cannot be produced on a DISA MATCH, just roll your eyes and watch him ascend to the sky, …or visit FUNDIMISA and experience a foundry flying high.

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