Do you have the eye to reduce your shot-blasting costs?

The degree of cleanliness of foundry parts surfaces has always been determined subjectively, which is very difficult for quality control. And, we expect to have the eye to assess that B is as clean as A?

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We all know that the cleanliness of casted parts is subjective, and its degree has a large impact on productivity, shot consumption and blast cleaning cycle times. Overcleaning to be SAFE is expensive!
When coating is required, its life is also greatly affected by the quality of surface preparation including its level of cleanliness - percentage and degree of scale and contaminants. At the same time, we all want to reduce “Sandblasting” costs, increase our “wheelblast” productivity, and avoid “over-cleaning or reblast” a job. In foundry environment, several factors influence the Surface cleanliness rating:

-the observer and his subjective judgment of the situation
-lighting, visibility, and surrounding conditions
-training and the role of the evaluator (customer, operator, salesperson, etc.).

The all new WA Clean iOS eliminates all these sources of reading errors. This unique and patented new tool objectively measures using optical analysis of the cleanliness level of a shot-blasted surface. Only this WA Clean could have predicted that the surface A equal the surface B.

Regardless of the time of day, the metal type (Aluminum, Stainless, Steel), the operator in place or the surrounding conditions, the WA Clean tool will always return the same assessment of the cleaning situation, from one time to the next.

Principles of use
This easy-to-use tool is calibrated according to the application and the blasted surface, directly on the surface to be evaluated. Calibration can be performed in a Go-No-Go fashion or according to SSPC or ISO 8501 parameters used in industry.
To monitor the quality and consistency of the shot blasting cleaning operation, it is important to be able to measure the degree of cleanliness reliably and independently.

The benefits of WA Clean thus make it possible to:
- Reduce the number of non-quality events, by identifying deviant processes
- Increase productivity by reducing over-cleaning
- Keep data and track of cleanliness measures
- Instantly completes observation reports.

No More Guessing!
Never get caught thinking surface "A" is cleaner than surface “B” again! 

Two devices are now offered:
1-WA clean Heavy Duty: perfect for operators, production, and construction site use
2-WA clean iOS: designed specifically for iPhones for increased portability. Perfect for supervisors, inspectors and clients wishing to monitor the quality of the work.

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