Energetic air purification through innovative heat pump technology

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Die casting processes generate huge amounts of gases and vapors, which consist of aerosols and fine smoke particles. Due to the occupational safety and environmental protection, these must be removed from the work area. For some foundry this is not an easy task, because each foundry is designed differently and standardized solutions do not always provide the optimum solution for individual plants.

KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH is specialized since more than 25 years on the development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly methods of exhaust air purification in foundries. KMA offers to each exhaust air problem the best solution. Today´s most energy efficient method of exhaust air treatment is the recirculating air mode. Due to the high filtration efficiency of the KMA electrostatic precipitators the purified air often gets discharged back to the workplace. Thus, the air circulates in the hall and compared to the exhaust air mode excessive heat loss can be avoided during the heating period. Accordingly, this method offers the greatest potential for energy savings. However, certain production processes or the company´s corporate philosophy in general does not always enable a recirculating air mode. In addition, peripheral devices – such as sprayers, furnaces and presses – sometimes limit the space around the die casting machine. Therefore, installing extraction devices such as hoods sometimes become impossible. But even in such cases an energy-efficient air purification solution needs to be placed.

This view is what KMA Umwelttechnik is standing for and that’s the reason why they developed for such applications an energy-efficient air filtration system, which operates in an exhaust air mode. The new system with a highly efficient heat recovery system enables by the use of 1 kW of energy (electricity) to achieve more than 20 kW of heat output due to utilizing the waste heat. The high efficiency is based on an innovative heat pump technology, which will be introduced at the GIFA exhibition 2015.

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