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ENERTEK ZnO Crucibles: Thermally efficient crucibles and retorts for the manufacture of Zinc Oxide via the “Indirect” process

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Foseco announce the launch of ENERTEK ZnO crucibles and retorts specially developed and designed to minimise energy consumption and maximize process efficiency in the production of zinc oxide via the Indirect or French process.

The ENERTEK ZnO range of clay graphite crucibles and retorts have been formulated and manufactured to provide superior thermal efficiency combined with high durability in order to ensure maximum performance in zinc vaporization operations.

Energy usage and production output both have a major influence on overall profitability in the manufacture of zinc oxide, while increasingly the overall energy consumption and associated generation of greenhouse gases are extremely important environmental concerns.

Performance differentials compared to current crucibles and retorts will naturally vary according to the existing process parameters - however savings of more than 30% have already been measured in several customer evaluations.  Furthermore, the faster melting rate achieved using ENERTEK ZnO crucibles resulted in a 15% increase in productivity.

ENERTEK ZnO crucibles and retorts are most suited to zinc oxide and zinc dust production - particularly where flame fired furnaces are used - and most standard shapes and capacities are available for the typical crucible furnaces utilized in the industry today.

The crucibles and retorts offer the manufacturer a number of benefits including:

• Reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 footprint
• Lower costs
• Increased effective production capacity without the need for capital investment with the potential to increase sales
• Reduced emissions and waste
• Good crucible life and maintenance of thermal properties over time


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