Euro 7 emissions standard - The combustion engine seems to have been saved for the time being

New details on the EEU exhaust gas plans - AGVES presents recommendation

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As AUTO BILD, Focus, ADAC and other media report, the plans for an extremely strict version of the Euro 7 rules from 2025 appear to be off the table for the time being.

The option for drivers in favor of the freedom to choose between different drive types will probably still be possible.

The European Advisory Group on Vehicle Emissions (AGVES) has presented its recommendation for the new Euro 7 emissions standard and the EU is moving away from its original ideas, which would have been tantamount to a ban on internal combustion engines.

In Germany, around 5 million jobs depend directly or indirectly on the automotive industry, and VDA President Hildegard Müller was relieved by the new proposals. In particular, the hard limit of 10 milligrams of nitrogen oxide per kilometer driven is not enforceable in this way. A value of 30 milligrams for cars and light delivery vans is now being discussed, with diesel and gasoline engines being treated equally.

The discussion continues and the German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) warns the EU Commission against too strict rules that could ultimately lead to the automotive industry moving outside of Europe, with the result that hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost.