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Fochem International extends and optimises Product Portfolio

Dry Casting Lubricants

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Plunger beads

It is our great pleasure to introduce our latest generation of beads as dry plunger lubricant with revolutionised lubricating qualities.
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is now in operation. Based on 40 years of Research & Development, as well as feedback from our customers, we can claim that our products are today considered the most advanced on the international Die-Casting market.

WHITE BEADS – PLUNGER LUBRICANT, containing white pigments

Our newest development, Isolat 95W, is a valuable asset in addition to our product portfolio. These “white beads” offer excellent lubricating properties due to a solid content of approx. 20%, consisting of a unique mixture of micronised white lubrication pigments. Due to this high solid content, the quantity per shot can be reduced significantly, in comparison to white beads without solids. The congealing point of Isolat 95W is >95°C. The bulk density ranges from 0.55-0.65, depending on the fraction.

To meet customers’ requirements, Isolat 95W is available in different sizes:


  • Perfectly round
  • High melting point synthetic wax
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free-flowing, anti-static, and dust-free
  • Suitable for tropical conditions
  • No clocking of dispenser unit required
  • Prolonged life of plunger
  • Effective protection of the shot sleeve against aluminium erosion
  • Minimisation of casting porosity
  • Only small amounts required


We strongly recommend to use the FOCHEM INTERNATIONAL “Beads Dispenser 3D” in conjunction with our beads. The “Beads Dispenser 3D” is a digital beads dosing machine offered to the Die-Casting industry, manufactured by our associate company TRIBO-CHEMIE GmbH in Germany. It is equipped with a technologically advanced dosing head, providing extremely accurate process assurance. The entire operation of the “Beads Dispenser 3D” is reliable, precise and the work environment remains clean.

South Africa, as a member of the BRICS association, sells products in Russia through an agent. In other countries, where no representation is in place, our products can be ordered directly from FOCHEM INTERNATIONAL, South Africa.