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FOCHEM INTERNATIONAL’s Isolat® 80 G Plunger Beads in Comparison to Similar, Conventional Polyethylene-wax-beads

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Isolat® 80 G melts, as soon as it hits the shot sleeve, and starts spreading immediately. The beads form a thin and even layer of graphite, due to its capillary action. Fochem International’s Isolat® 80 G is dust-free, non-sticky, spherical and free flowing. It contains a tailor-made, macro-crystalline natural graphite of highest purity. For a short time, this graphite can even withstand extremely high temperatures and pressure without starting to oxidise.

Best results can be achieved with a minimal amount of beads, ideally in conjunction with the Fochem Dispenser 3D. Gas and pinholes inside the castings are markedly reduced. Thanks to the pure and capillary N-paraffin, the Isolat® 80 G beads are entirely free from aromatic hydrocarbons and hence eminently environmentally friendly.

All these exceptional characteristics ensure optimal lubrication of plunger and shot sleeve, higher quality castings, an overall improved production process, and grant FOCHEM INTERNATIONAL an important competitive advantage.

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Similar, conventional-type polyethylene-wax-beads do not form a homogenously distributed graphite layer inside the shot sleeve, because these products do not have a capillary action. This has negative effects on the entire casting process.

See for yourself and test our Isolat® 80 G.

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