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FOMET - ZML INDUSTRIES expanding its foundry in Italy

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ZML Industries  SpA former Zanussi Metallurgica  (part of multinational Electrolux)  and later part of Vestar Capital Parter , an American stock fund seated in New York.  In  2006 ZML Industries SpA get part of Gruppo Cividale SpA . Now the company entered a new foundry expansion program for the foundry  at Maniago.

FometThe building of the plant, which started in 1968, was finished in 1971, and immediately the production activity was started. In the first years the activity was oriented to the production of components for Zanussi household appliances, such as tops for wood stoves, spiders for washing machines, grills for the new cast iron stoves, aluminum pulleys and motor shields, hot-forged taps and shut-off valves, and enamelled copper wire for windings of electrical motors.

In 1973, after the take-over of the former Zoppas foundry in San Fior (TV), the company "Industrie Lavorazioni Metallurgiche SpA" was founded, thus gathering the two plants in one business name.

In 1978 the company changed the name in "Zanussi Metallurgica SpA".

In 1984 the Zanussi group was taken over by the Swedish multinational Electrolux, which started a strong investment and restructuring plan aiming at the enhancement of strategic activities. Becoming part of Electrolux gave a great international opportunity to Zanussi Metallurgica, whose strong tradition, combined with a significant strategic position, was perfectly going together with the new inclination to foreign markets. 1987 was the year of a crucial turning point for the company, integrated in a new Electrolux product line which gathers all the firms producing compressors and motors, named ECC - Electrolux Components Companies.

FometIt was also decided to close the plant of San Fior (November 1989) and to relaunch the production of silver iron castings and of enamelled copper wire, as a more and more strategic field for product line.

In 1993, by the take-over of former Gronda S.r.l. of Aviano (PN), the market of copper wire is extended.

In 2002 Zanussi Metallurgica is already a solid and autonomous reality, which is able to conquer new market shares. The strong development of the aluminum division, enhanced by the collaboration with European brands leader in the automotive field, gives a new boost to all the company in the automotive sector.

This is why it left Electrolux group and changed the business name in ZML Industries S.p.A. Its shares were bought over in part by the firm management, and in part by the Vestar Capital Partner, an American stock fund seated in New York. In 2006 ZML Industries SpA get part of Gruppo Cividale SpA - Tavagnacco (UD), with shareholding participation of the Manager.

Thanks to its thirty years' experience in the sector, today ZML Industries the leader in aluminium die-casting, grey cast iron casting and in the production of magnet wire, imposing its presence at European level as the ideal partner for the main brands of electrical household appliances and for the car sector.

Its strategic position, in relation to the main European countries, has led to an inclination to work on international markets.

The consolidated know-how of a long tradition flanks production capacity that pays close attention to what the Customer wants, helping him through the designing and development phases of tailored and innovative products and solutions.

ZML Industries S.p.A. - Cast Iron, thanks to its thirty-year experience, is now proposing itself as a leading firm in supplying iron castings for the European industry.

ZML Cast Iron works together with the Customer right from the definition of the CAD model for the casting, a starting point for the process simulation which leads to the tooling design.

This method, together with the prototyping phase, allows to create a definitive tooling which ensures, through production efficiency, a complete satisfaction by the Customer.

The iron foundry situated in the north-east of Italy is reputed to be one of the most modern iron foundry in Italy for the level of technical innovation incorporated.

Now the melting requirement is provided from  cupola melting plants, with two  intermediary induction channel  receivers furnaces servicing the  metal to the three channel induction automatic pressure pouring furnaces  casting on one green-sand horizontal moulding  lines  and  two vertical moulding lines.

FometZML Industries  previously chose FOMET equipments for its' pouring production on the DISA vertical moulding line casting 350 mould per hour.

The production process ZML Cast Iron starts with iron casting in a cupola furnace working with hot blast, with up to 24 ton/h capacity, and two electric holding furnaces. The moulding process is developed with an automatic moulding machine in flasks, and two moulding machines Disamatic in flaskless moulds. Each moulding line is provided with its own sand plant. The cast on each line is made by means of automatic pressurized furnaces. After stripping, risers are removed and the iron castings are sandblasted and finished in line.

The foundry expansion supply will consist in a new FOMET channel induction furnace "DUPLEX" for receiving, holding and superheating of cast-iron, with capacity 100 tons and powered by one 800 kW inductor for servicing one new FOMET channel induction automatic pressure pouring furnace "PRV" having 10 tons capacity and 300 kW power inductor pouring in a Loramendi vertical moulding lines at the speed of 500 mould per hour.

The channel induction furnace DUPLEX shall ensure the regular operation of the foundry since it forms a buffer between the melting and the casting section. It thus copes with the possibility of breakdowns without affecting the quality of the temperature of the metal. The 100 tons receiver with charging and pouring siphons is feed by launder from a long campaign cupola furnace and is equipped with one high efficiency 800 kW quick interchangeable flanged inductor with air-water mixed cooling system for the induction coil. Power control with PLC power factor correction and phase balancing with switchgear system.

The automatic pressure pouring furnace supplied by FOMET srl, shall be equipped with the most technically advanced pouring control system yet seen in foundries, which includes stopper rod with servo-drive control,  metal level control by laser, and " teach in " system to control of the dosage of molten iron into the moulding boxes. Moreover the pouring system is equipped with "smart" automatic inoculation system for correcting metal composition in the metal jet during pouring. There is also a dynamic electronic weighing system which provides continuous management data to measure the amount of metal in the furnace and to manage the furnace refilling cycle.

The FOMET pouring furnace is a channel induction mains frequency type, incorporating a very high level of thermal insulation along with constructional characteristics and "know how" covered by patents. The pouring furnace is equipped with one 300 kW high efficiency quick interchangeable inductor with unique air cooling system for the induction coil (no water) to facilitates both maintenance, and eventual replacement of the inductor.

The management interface pouring system of the furnace, also exchanges data with the other associated plant via "profibus". This continually maintains the maximum efficiency of the entire production processes, while indicating any potential problems requiring maintenance intervention.

FOMET has designed this new design of pouring furnace specifically for the production of castings in Nodular Iron. The production of consistent quality volume castings in "Nodular-iron", by pouring manually into vertical moulds or into boxes on green-sand automatic indexing molding lines, is a paramount critical operation in many foundries. This is the main reason why a large number of foundries have started to demand and use automatic systems to pour Nodular iron on their molding lines.

FOMET specialize in the field of pouring furnaces, and are one of the market leader with 50 year experience. In that period they have installed several hundred furnaces equipped with automatic pressure pouring systems with stopper-rod control for pouring gray, malleable and other special cast-irons.

FOMET technology applied to the pouring furnace, has made casting production easy and simple in many foundries throughout the world. Our technology is applicable not only on new molding lines but also is readily retro-fitted to existing molding plants.

To develop and design this furnace FOMET, as manufacturers of pouring furnaces, had studied its own experiences and additionally researched this field in co-operation with foundries and metallurgical technicians. Moreover, after comparing data and examining the available technical papers of important Italian, International technical associations and even competitors, we were able to get a clear view of the foundries requirements.

The new pressure-pouring furnace is a vertical channel furnace with inductor flanged to the bottom. The cover to seal the furnace vessel is equipped with a small hatch so that the furnace can be de-slagged and the inductor can also be 'rodded', if required.

The furnace is equipped with special flanged fill and pour siphons which make for fast and easy interchange, yet remain simple to maintain.

The need for changing the inductor is planned in advance by simply monitoring the program data efficiency indicator diagram (cosphi operating range). Also the cleaning of the fill and pour siphons is simple, as they are straight and without bottom bends and swan necks for entering into the furnace vessel. Changing of the siphons can even be done with metal inside furnace

The inductor cooling system is our unique cooled by air (no water), so the furnace does not need the special water-cooling system like the coreless furnaces. Our highly efficient refractory lining reduces the thermal losses to minimum, thus guaranteeing a big energy saving when compared with the coreless furnaces and other types of furnaces which require bigger specific power requirements for maintaining and superheating.

Another big advantage of the induction channel furnace is the good electrical and thermal efficiency, hence leading to low energy consumption in continuous operation.

The pouring furnace is designed for operating with an inert gas pressurizing media, like Nitrogen. The furnace and cover are gastight with an excellent seal without gas leaks. The large refractory thickness used in our design makes a perfect supporting face for the cover sealing ring avoiding the known pressure sealing problems associated with the coreless furnaces.

In processing Nodular iron the treatment methods, which use pure magnesium, are generally to be recommended.

According to customers data initially the gas atmosphere has no effect on the rate of melting loss (Mg fade); however after formation the rate of melting loss (fade) is reduced considerably, thus assuring that the molten metal remain ready for pouring with a sufficient Mg content over the full holding time of 8 hours.

Maintenance operations are simple with the minimum time requirements for maintaining the furnace at best efficiency and the lack of a water-cooling circuit it is a great advantage.

The pouring furnace can be equipped with all the standard FOMET options like "Laser system" for controlling the level in the pouring channel, the CCD vision system for controlling the mould cup filling level, the late stream inoculation system and the automatic skip for the furnace charging ladle. If required the furnace automatic centering system over the pouring cup sometimes necessary in vertical flask less molding line is also available.

FOMET has already commissioned many furnaces type PR V  for automatic pouring of Nodular Iron.  A lot of technical advantages come from FOMET automatic pouring furnace:  Maximum output achieved from the molding line; elimination of chilled returns thus avoiding re-melting costs.

Metering accuracy in metal pouring with "Teach-in" system and metal saving due to smaller pouring cups and elimination of over pours.

Slag-free pouring; teapot type charging and pouring siphons both flanged for easy changing and easy cleaning. Constant pouring temperature; reduced scrap due to constant pouring temperature. Improved quality of casting; uniformity of analysis of the casting alloys. Furnace maintains pouring throughout charging; increased pouring consistency and elimination of production breaks to refill furnace. Easy reprogramming following change of pattern plate avoids production stoppages as pouring speed and pouring curve to fill mould, are instantly recoverable from the database, thus maintaining continuity of production.

Metering adjustment during pouring; accurate adjustment of mould filling without production stoppages. Automatic positioning of pouring spout; automatic search for pouring position over pouring cup for vertical molding lines.

Holding of all types of foundry cast-iron including ductile iron; possibility of charging furnace with desulphurized iron treated with magnesium. Changing of alloy; the furnace back-tilting mechanism by oil-hydraulic cylinders, enable the furnace to be completely emptied in order to change a new alloy.

Easy inoculation; easy application of Fe Si inoculation either by in-stream powder or by cored wire systems.  Easy interchangeable inductor with unique coil air-cooling system. Compact power control unit with easy installation and connections.

This new installation in Maniago confirms Fumet's position as the leader in the supply large induction channel holding receiver and channel induction automatic pressure pouring furnaces, which guarantee high returns for the high volume "automotive" foundries, combined with advanced technology and reliable safety standards, even on multiple shifts.

Other than ZML Industries, the following "automotive" companies have chosen FOMET equipments:-  Brembo S.p.A., Brembo Poland, Teksid Poland, Teksid do Brazil, Teksid China , Renault France , San Luis Rassini Mexico, Autometals SA -Spicer-Dana Group, Tisamatic de CV SA  Mexico, GKN Automotive China  - Amtek India, Ashod Iron Works India ,Sakthi India  and many others.

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