Giovanni Bolla, Founder of FOMET Srl

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Giovanni Bolla, founder of  FOMET Srl, in 1963, passed away last March 20th, 2016, just a little before his 85th birthday.  Fomet are a world-leading company, engineering and manufacturing induction furnaces for melting, holding and pouring ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Born on April 7th, 1931, married to Maria, his beloved wife constantly at his side whilst developing his business, and father of two daughters to whom he proudly imparted honesty, moral values and professionalism.

The words being said after such an occurrence may not capture in full, nor deeply describe the person this statement is meant to portray.

We are pleased to remember the man as an effortless worker, but who always firmly believed in his family, whilst at the same time, for over 50 years, managed and developed his company, accomplishing many technical and commercial achievements.

Endowed with uncommon technical skills, and innovator on several aspects of induction furnace technology, he focused his attention on pouring technologies, developing from pioneering tilting pouring furnaces for radiators and boiler production, to state-of-the-art modern pressurized pouring furnaces relative to the automotive industry, not only in Italy, but also throughout the world.

Through his tireless work and contribution to the development of the Italian and international foundry industry, AMAFOND, the Italian Foundry Suppliers Association, in November 2015, awarded Giovanni Bolla, with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

His death plunged the whole employee workforce into mourning, considered by Giovanni as his “enlarged family”. Frequently in the factory, right up to the end, he had always displayed satisfaction for the business in hand as well as showing complete  professionalism in attention to developments  and technical improvement. He was also always at hand to support and help relatives, friends, suppliers and customers, and keen on encouraging his fellow workers to achieve more and more prestigious goals aimed at satisfying foundry needs.

His passionate commitment along with technical know-how, has lifted the brand FOMET to the attention of the foundry world, triggering and granting numerous successful installations.

For the future, the FOMET workforce, along with Giovanni’s two daughters, his son-in-law Francesco Tieghi and grandson Carlo Giovanni Tieghi, will continue to carry the business forward in the same way as originally foreseen by the founder.

All it is left to say, is a sincere “Thank you Mr. Bolla, you taught us a lot!”  

"It is impossible to live a pleasant life without living wisely, honourably, and justly, as it is impossible to live wisely, honourably and justly without living pleasantly".

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