Foundries cannot master the energy transition alone - Jürgen Trittin (GRÜNE) visits Harz Guss Zorge (HGZ)

HGZ boss Torsten Stein makes a clear statement

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During the visit of the Green politicians Jürgen Trittin and Marie Kollenrott at the iron foundry Harz Guss Zorge in Zorge the climate and energy policy issues were named and obviously talked openly with each other.
The challenges for climate protection are recognised in principle by industry, but it will take a great deal of joint effort on the part of industry and politics to find the right solutions.
HGZ boss Torsten Stein has a clear position on this and clear demands on politicians, as he told us in a statement:

"In order for the transformation to climate-neutral industry in the Harz region to succeed, the electricity infrastructure required for this is needed. As an iron foundry, our Harz Guss Zorge GmbH  needs green industrial electricity; in sufficient quantities, with a reliable supply and at affordable prices. This is the decisive lever with which we can electrify the smelting operation and remain competitive. However, we cannot make the necessary investments in climate-friendly production without political support," says Torsten Stein, Managing Director of Harz Guss Zorge GmbH.