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Roeren GmbH is the new Löwen partner of TSV 1860 München. The company specializes in consulting for the manufacturing industry and is aiming for a long-term partnership with the 1860.

The Roeren team has advised over 50 foundries in Europe since 2011

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The company's founder and managing director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Roeren has been an avowed Löwen fan as well as a member of the club for decades. After ten years, the company, which was founded in 2011, has now reached a size that makes a commitment to TSV 1860 Munich sensible, in order to increase the visibility and growth of roeren GmbH together with the Löwen.

"We are delighted about the partnership, as TSV 1860 Munich demonstrates in an honest and down-to-earth manner that it is worth fighting for success and, similarly to us, has a long-term plan for further development," says Roeren. "We are united by the fact that we work with 'concentrated composure' in an overriding way, are hungry for the point in the project or the game and provoke viable solutions and victory respectively." When the company was founded, the managing owner had already chosen the corporate colour blue "to match perfectly" the partnership with the Löwen.

1860 managing director Marc- Nicolai Pfeifer is pleased about another addition to the Löwen family and sees great similarities. "The maxims of roeren such as diligence, ambition, team spirit and cleverness also characterise us. In addition, the development of young talents is one of the convictions of our new partner. Just as we recruit a large part of our players from our own ranks, it is part of roeren's strategy for success that many have been able to mature and qualify at the management level of the company via a working student position there."


Founded in 2011, roeren GmbH is an owner-managed and growing consulting company that now employs 30 people. As production experts, the engineers support decision-making processes for the management of manufacturing companies with their concepts - primarily in the automotive industry. The experience of production optimisations in 47 countries and the steady and reflected growth have strengthened roeren and make it possible today to draw from a full range of resources, especially for challenging projects. Thus, the company operates at the interface of science and business. Through the professorship of the founder and managing director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Roeren at the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut, there is close cooperation between method development and concrete application in industrial projects. The customers, some of whom are international, are both large and medium-sized.

The activities of Roeren GmbH can be divided into two areas, the so-called "fire brigade projects" and the "concept projects".

Since 2011, the roeren GmbH team has been deployed in over 50 foundries throughout Europe.

Fire brigade projects for foundries:
Currently, the ability to deliver is limited in many foundries, which affects many projects and industries due to fluctuating project boundary conditions and unsteady delivery performance. In intensive discussions with the companies, roeren GmbH develops viable solutions in order to make the supply more plannable and to apply realistic approaches. in doing so, roeren GmbH builds on many years of experience.

Concept projects for foundries:
These have a preventive character and deal with the planning and industrialisation of foundries but also with the evaluation of the stability of the current production performance or the risks of delivery and quality restrictions. Here, roeren GmbH benefits from its extensive experience and many assignments in escalation topics.

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