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GER - HC Druckguss GmbH faces insolvency proceedings

HC Druckguss GmbH is facing an uncertain future. The District Court of Hagen has opened a insolvency proceedings on the assets of the specialist for aluminum and zinc die-casting.

Thomas Neumann, a lawyer from Lüdenscheid, Germany, has been appointed as the provisional insolvency administrator.

Further insolvency proceedings are yet to be decided. The appraisal process is difficult, as HC Druckguss‘ legal representatives expect help from an investor.

What about the employees?
The company is also in arrears with ist contributions to employee‘s insurance, says Neumann. No facts are currently known about the status of the workforce. Supposedly, according to Neumann, all 35 employees resigned, but there are no written documents.

HC Druckguss GmbH was first entered into the commercial register in the spring of 2015. Previously, Heba Druckguss GmbH was based at the same address. Bankruptcy proceedings against Heba were opened on September 1st 2014 due to insolvency and high amounts of debt. That process is not yet finished.

The company "Hesse & Bauckhage" was also registered at the same address. In May 2011, Heba took over the long-established company as part of a management buyout.

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