GF and Bocar Group to enter into a global collaboration

GF Casting Solutions, a division of GF, Schaffhausen (Switzerland), and the leading light-metal castings and assemblies solutions provider Bocar Group, Mexico City (Mexico), have signed an agreement to offer a specialized range of products and services worldwide.

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The objective of the collaboration is to bring higher value to the customers by combining capabilities of two leading players in the market for high-pressure die casting components. The partnership reflects the commitment of Bocar Group and GF to develop and invest in new technologies and services to support customers in North America, Europe and Asia on their way to sustainable mobility. Both partners will leverage their strong R&D, know-how and production facilities around the world.

Andreas Müller, CEO of GF, commented: "We are excited about this new collaboration. The agreement is a further important step to consistently implement GF Casting Solutions' strategy 2025 and to leverage our global footprint in North America, Europe and Asia."
"With the joint R&D and industrialization know-how of these two leading casting specialists we will be able to design new lightweight components which are key for more environmentally friendly vehicles", stated Carlos Vasto, President of GF Casting Solutions.  

Marcus Baur, President of Bocar Group, stated: "By combining the technical capabilities of two pioneers in light metal die casting we will be able to bring higher value to our customers. We look forward to our joint projects in order to even better serve our current and new customers on a global scale based on the longstanding expertise of both partners."

"The collaboration we are building today between our companies is an outstanding opportunity to serve our customers globally with the best in class manufacturing solutions for die casting aluminum components and complex assemblies. Our synergies will enable us to deliver innovation and sustainable solutions to all our customers", commented Ignacio Moreno, CEO of Bocar Group.

Both companies have a long history of innovative growth in their respective markets. Bocar Group, founded 60 years ago, is an innovative development partner and full-service supplier for the automotive industry. GF Casting Solutions is one of the leading solution providers of lightweight components in the mobility and energy industries.