Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2022 of Georg Fischer AG

GF's Board of Directors decided to hold the Annual Shareholders' Meeting of Georg Fischer AG with shareholders not physically present, due to the persisting COVID-19 pandemic and related developments. GF has set up a special communication channel to ensure shareholders can exercise their statutory rights.

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The Board of Directors regrets this decision, which was taken in consideration of the many uncertainties surrounding the pandemic situation. This year's Annual Shareholders' Meeting on 20 April 2022 will be held at the premises of Georg Fischer AG in Schaffhausen, starting at 6:00 p.m. with the persons required by the Articles of Association.

Shareholders may submit their votes in writing or electronically to the independent proxy, the law firm weber, schaub & partner ag, Zurich. To ensure the shareholders may freely exercise their further statutory rights, GF has set up a special email address (gv2022(at) General questions and requests about individual agenda items on the voting documents may be sent to this address until midnight on 18 April 2022. The voting documents will be sent to the shareholders in due time.



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