GF Sustainability Report 2021: Promising start towards sustainability targets 2025

GF today published its Sustainability Report 2021. This comprehensive review of ESG matters

highlights the three focus areas defined in GF's Sustainability Framework 2025: product

portfolio, climate and resources, as well as people and well-being.

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In 2021, products with social or environmental benefits generated 60% of sales, up from 58% the year before. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions fell 17% compared with the base-year 2019. Against the backdrop of a 17% sales growth in 2021, the intensity of waste sent to landfill or incineration fell 9% compared to a baseline average of the previous three years.

Reflecting the scope of the 2025 framework targets, GF's Sustainability Report 2021 includes for the first time a new metric on sustainable procurement and the gender balance of newly appointed managers. GF coordinated sustainability assessments on 34% of its procurement spend in 2021, with the aim to assess 80% by 2025. With 30% of newly appointed managers in 2021 being women, the company also exceeded its target of 25% women among new management appointments by 2025.

"This strong result in the first year of our journey towards achieving our sustainability targets 2025 is a testimony of how sustainability is an integral part of GF's business and corporate culture," said GF CEO Andreas Müller. "Our strong start builds on years-long efforts to drive business growth, while supporting our customers and other stakeholders on their own sustainability journey."

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