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Handbook for Induction Ovens a Comprehensive Tool for Foundries

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The work-group "Handbuch Induktionsofen" ("Induction Oven Handbook“) came to a successful conclusion at Foundry Service GmbH in Hemer (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany).

The participants, including

• Herr Werner (Daimler AG),
• Herr Neurath (Fritz Winter),
• Herr Wolter (Otto Junker),
• Herr Temme (ABP),
• Dr. Steller (BDG),

were warmly welcomed by the hosts, Mr. Papadopoulos (Managing Director) and Mr. Voigt (Sales), in the beautiful Sauerland region.

The event began with an informal, cozy evening in the wonderful Antoniushütte where, in a pleasant atmosphere away from the workplace, various topics could be discussed.

On the following day, the participants were received at Foundry Service’s new location. There, the day’s work commenced with the revision of the handbook’s chapter on "Maintenance".

Various points were discussed in order to provide the maximum possible information for the operator of a furnace system according to the current technical spectrum.

Afterwards, a tour of Foundry Service GmbH took place, in which the participants were impressed by the storage and production facilities as well as the work processes.

"The handbook," says Mr. Papadopoulos, "is intended to provide the operator with the necessary security and a healthy self-confidence in the handling of plant engineering. We can not leave the operators and service providers to their own devices. Today's competitive pressure in the foundries and steelworks forces everyone to pull together in order to maintain a future perspective on the market. Reliability and productivity is the hallmark of our customers, which we ensure with our plant engineering and availability. "

At the event’s conclusion, it was agreed that, despite initial concerns about the problems that may arrise as a result of the different technical positions and technologies present among the participating companies, a very solid and comprehensive result had been achieved.

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