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Handtmann invests in megacasting

Handtmann, the largest family-run light metal foundry in Europe, is the first Tier 1 to invest a mid-double-digit million amount in megacasting. The investment includes both an optimized infrastructure and the purchase of a Bühler Carat 610 extended at the technology site in Biberach.

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Die casting has developed rapidly in recent years. The so-called megacasting, which is the joining of several components to form one die casting part, has the potential to revolutionize the car manufacturing process. That is why Handtmann was the first Tier 1 in Europe to decide to offer this solution for structural and body parts.

This is made possible by a close partnership with the Bühler AG. The cooperation forms the optimal symbiosis of the machine manufacturer's know-how combined with Handtmann's innovative manufacturing processes. The acquisition of a Carat 610 extended with 61,000 kN clamping force and a shot weight of up to 128 kg of aluminium enables the production of ever larger structural parts, such as large battery housings for electric vehicles or so-called megacastings like the complete rear or front underbody of a car.

The completion of the conversion at the Biberach site and the commissioning of the Carat 610 extended is scheduled for 2023.

Wolfgang Schmidt (Chairman of the Board, Light Metal Casting division): ‘The automotive world is changing faster than it was assumed just a few years ago. The trend is clearly towards alternative drives. We as Handtmann, with our teams of experts, face these challenges of change with for example battery-electric vehicles and their complex requirements for the light metal casting component geometry such as megacasting.’

Heiko Pfeiffer (Managing Director Production, Light Metal Casting division): ‘If a construct consisting of many individual parts is to be replaced, the strengths of a megacasting component become particularly apparent in this context. Through the implementation of complex geometries and the integration of multiple functions, the megacasting component fulfils the sum of the requirements of the substituted individual parts.’

Dirk Seckler (Managing Director Sales and Technical Development, Light Metal Casting division): ‘We recognized early on that we had to transform ourselves from a pure ‘built-to-print’ company to an innovative competence and solution provider. This also includes actively shaping the transformation through innovation. By entering the megacasting business, Handtmann is once again a pioneer in the industry. We are glad to be going down this path together with our customers and the Bühler AG.’

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