Handtmann – EUROGUSS 2024 Introduction in Megacasting

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With over 2,000 employees, Handtmann is the largest family-owned aluminium foundry in Germany and is recognised as a strategic partner of the automotive industry. For five generations, renowned manufacturers and suppliers have relied on Handtmann's process and machining expertise. And this trust pays off. As a development partner to its customers, Handtmann attaches great importance to ensuring that they achieve their goals. "We pool expertise, network ideas and set standards right from the start. We provide support from the idea to market maturity, using simulations, design and topology optimisation as well as additive prototype production," states Handtmann's management.

Megacasting is the next evolutionary stage in die casting. Handtmann decided early on to invest in this future technology, as the first Tier 1 in Europe. Handtmann works closely with customers to develop innovative large cast components for the mobility of the future. Not long time ago, megacasting was the subject of controversial debate, but Handtmann made this decision with confidence and foresight. The trend towards lightweight construction is an ongoing topic in the die casting industry. Weight can be saved in the body sector in particular. However, "megacasting" and the "reduction of components" through "large cast die-cast parts" also play an important role.

EUROGUSS 2024: Entry into megacasting

At EUROGUSS 2024, Handtmann will provide an insight on its entry into megacasting and show the reasons why the company decided to follow this trend at an early stage. In addition to personal consultations with experts, visitors can also expect numerous technical presentations at the Handtmann stand.

In the interests of our customers, we invested in the transformation at an early stage: “PHEV, BEV and fuel cell components from Handtmann have long been an integral part. Now we are supporting customers in their transformation, providing knowledge, suitable strategies and processes. Take off with us!" stated the management, who also emphasised that all processes at Handtmann are focused on a successful future.

"We are your partner for an effective transformation process. We benefit from the synergies of light metal casting expertise, innovative development and system assembly. Our motto is: Thinking ahead together."


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