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IDRA DieCasting Technology - The Current Newsletter

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The Group

IDRA group best partners for quality, robustness and reliability
Idra group looks at the worldwide markets with confidence and gratification.
Strong of its global presence on the market, Idra group perserve the will to put into real the storical values of the group:

quality, robustness and reliability and more closer to its customers the duty of Idra group is to offer the best teccnical solutions to whom is searching for the best partner in die casting business.

The experience that gives confidence.

Idra was founded in 1946 by the Pasotti family and has become since then the reference point for development of die casting technology.
Passion, competence and constant search for innovative solutions are some of the features of Idra team.

The reliability, solidity, user friendliness, innovative technology and ease of maintenance of all its products are the result of the job of Idra engineers.

Idra has proved the value of its know-how starting from the field of light aluminum alloys until that of zinc, magnesium and brass alloys, following a developing path marked by frequent achievements. Achievements that witness the story of a brand impressed in the heart of world die casting.

Have a look at our current newsletter:  <link file:7590 download file>Initiates file downloadIdra Newsletter Jan.2014.pdf


Company Info

IDRA s.r.l.

Via dei Metalli, 2
25039 Travagliato (Brescia)

Telephone: +39-030-2011.1