IECI and the importance of Temperature Control in die casting, on all steps of the process.

IECI is running towards its 50th birthday in 2022 and forty of these fifty years are strictly related to high-pressure die casting foundries.

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Along this path, the Inverardi family, now in its third generation, began by developing a simple single-circuit oil temperature controller and supplies nowadays the world's largest die-casting plants on three continents.

The experience gained thanks to all the customers has led IECI to differentiate itself from all competitors by customising its control units and by the specificity that links them to every part of the die-casting process.

Today, all temperature control manufacturers produce control units designed to work indiscriminately on any tool or any process, but IECI has understood that each tool and each part of the process has different needs and different criticalities and for this reason, each control unit must be designed and manufactured constantly thinking about the final result that has to be obtained.

Individual customisation of temperature control

Just an example: Die thermal balance is different from the thermal balance of the sleeve and from the thermal balance of the piston.

The thermoregulation of the shot sleeve extremely reduces the “banana effect” and this allows, in addition to an exponential increase in the life of the component, a much better plunger stroke: for instance, one of IECI customers in Ohio went from 40,000 shots on a shot sleeve cooled with main water to 130,000 shots on the same sleeve with IECI temperature control. Obviously, even a precise cooling of the plunger tip and the rod can drastically increase its duration over time.

In order to achieve maximum results in terms of efficiency, IECI has taken advantage of the possibility to manage the control units thanks to its open PLC that allows extensive customisation of component management, as well as total compatibility with all communication protocols on the market and compatibility with OPC UA and corporate MES environments.

IECI not only offers temperature controllers, but is also a leader in the production of quench tanks, connection systems and multi-channel systems for handling large die-casting cells.

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