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Imerys successfully builds on innovation and continuity following the IKO acquisition

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The IKO brand, representing the green moulding sand additives producer based in Germany, was well known throughout the foundry industry. However, three years ago, IKO became "Imerys Metalcasting Solutions". The French group of companies Imerys, a world leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry, acquired the Greek S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. in 2015. 

And it just fits: IKO/ S&B and Imerys complement each other. They have the same background. Both companies offer mineral-based solutions for the industry and have a long tradition.

S&B, founded in 1934, supplies foundry-grade bentonites from the renowned reserves on the Greek island of Milos as well as from other mines worldwide. The origin of IKO Industriekohle dates back to 1964. With the acquisition of IKO-Erbslöh in 2001, with plants in Germany and France, S&B moved closer to the foundry customers in Europe supplying them with customized green moulding sand solutions. The foundry business expanded first into the Americas, Turkey and then to China, India and Italy by incorporating the expertise, technology and assets of local foundry suppliers. 

Imerys, founded in 1880, looks back at a long, successful and sustained history. The Group with headquarters in Paris is present on five continents with 270 industrial sites and has around 18.300 employees worldwide. The company generated €4.6 billion in sales in 2017.

Imerys Metalcasting offers customized blends of green moulding sand additives based on bentonites, lustrous carbon formers and other selected high quality raw materials as well as technical expertise to the foundry industry. The global focus of the company also serves international customer groups through the extensive network of 14 locations in Europe, North America and Asia, according to the motto: Think Global, Act Local. Another application area for the Imerys products is the core shop using the cold box process. Imerys core sand additives are used to avoid veining and other core sand related casting defects.

Supply reliability is ensured
After the acquisition, the products from Imerys Metalcasting plants benefit yet from the much larger network of industrial facilities in over 50 countries of the Imerys Group. Delivery security is increased.

Focus on innovation
Furthermore, Imerys Metalcasting gained access not only to the vast portfolio of over 30 additional industrial minerals but also to the deep technical knowledge of the entire Imerys Group. Moreover, innovation is central to Imerys’ strategy and the capacity to combine minerals and functionalities to deliver substantial and measurable improvements for the customers is fostered with the appropriate infrastructure and investments.  

Customer proximity is preserved
Among all the advantages, continuity is of high priority for Imerys. All products and services previously provided by IKO continue to be offered and are retained unchanged. Customer proximity shall be imperatively preserved.

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