Imerys Metalcasting Germany GmbH

Schmielenfeldstraße 78, 45772 Marl, Germany


About Imerys Metalcasting

Imerys Metalcasting offers customized blends of green moulding sand additives based on bentonites, lustrous carbon formers and other selected high quality raw materials as well as technical expertise to the foundry industry. The global focus of the company also serves international customer groups through the extensive network of 14 locations in Europe, North America and Asia, according to the motto: Think Global, Act Local.

Another area for our products is the core shop using the cold box process. Our core sand additives are applied in order to avoid veining and other core sand related casting defects.

Our history

We have a long tradition as a supplier of foundry-grade bentonites from our renowned reserves on the Greek island of Milos as well as other mines worldwide. The origin of IKO Industriekohle dates back to 1964. With the acquisition of IKO-Erbslöh with plants in Germany and France in 2001, S&B moved closer to the foundry customers in Europe supplying them with customized green moulding sand solutions. The foundry business expanded first into the Americas, Turkey and then to China, India and Italy by incorporating the expertise, technology and assets of local foundry suppliers.

Since 2015, S&B/IKO belongs to Imerys, the world leader in mineral-based specialties for the industry. The Imerys Group with headquarters in Paris is present on five continents with 270 industrial sites and has around 18.500 employees worldwide. The former IKO has been renamed to Imerys Metalcasting.


We focus on innovation and sustainability

10 years ago, we launched ENVIBOND® into the foundry industry. This pioneering „green“ moulding sand technology reduces the amount of organic components in the cycle system and enables the foundry to reduce significantly the emissions during pouring and to improve the working environment. ENVIBOND® is continuously and intensively developed further in order to provide the market with new solutions.


Schmielenfeldstraße 78
45772 Marl

Telephone +49 (0) 23 65 8040

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