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Improving Foundry Efficiency Through Shortened Dry Times

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The financial burden of work in progress is always an issue in any foundry. One of the major causes of the length of time required to dry each shell coat, in some cases it is only possible to perform one dip per day.

Adbond® Quikset™ from Remet offers a solution to this problem. Quikset is a concentrated binder additive that allows for faster dip cycle times. The rapid drying action is particularly effective on intricate and recessed areas of the tree. The improvement can be dramatic, reducing some dry times down to just an hour. This can allow an entire shell to be constructed in a day, dependent on the pattern.

Although primarily developed to improve drying times, it also exhibits good green strength. This effect means that the mould is easy to handle and de-wax.

Quikset’s proprietary formulation acts as a very efficient wetting agent and creates a slurry that provides a smooth and stable dip coat. It can be used with a wide range of flour types and sizes, to suit the parts being dipped, and is compatible with all Remasol® based backup slurries, without impacting the life or quality of the slurry.

This all adds up to a rapid construction of most shell moulds and a more efficient shell room, without compromising on quality.

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